Your Air Pistol – Improve Your Bounty With These Tips


Hunting has been a passion of man, not from today but from ancient times. When there was no technology, this is what used to keep them going. Now, times have changed, we have the technology and so many things to keep us busy, but that hunter instinct inside man continues to stay. This is why, whenever he gets a chance to hunt, he will not let that moment go waste.

Here are a few tips that will ensure you get the biggest catch every time you are out on one of those pursuits.

Practice as much as you can

Practice makes a man perfect. So get the most out of it every time. Keep practising as much possible. The pellets are also quite cheap, so if you are shooting every day for hours, it won’t impact you much, economically. Also, there is a lot of process in reloading an air gun. You might miss out your target in that case. So you need to shoot it in one go. Therefore, practice!

Maintain your ethics

Go for head shots only. Even best air pistols have less power than a firearm, so killing with headshots is compulsory.


Calibre ranges from fast and small .177 calibre bb sized pellet to even larger .50 calibre. The latter has the capability to hunt strong animals like deer down. .22 calibre has quite good knock-down power ratio to the velocity for small games.


Camouflage well

This is one of the most crucial things to hunting. You obviously don’t want your prey to see you. You know that if it does, it will run away and you will miss that golden opportunity to knock it down. Plus, you need to stay close to get the cleanest shot and kill the target in one go. Therefore, you need to camouflage.

Cover any exposed skin that is there. Paint your face black or with mud. Wear clothes that match with the surroundings. At any cost, your target should not see you or get any hint you are there.

Move steadily

Find a good place where you can sit. If you are out for hunting rabbits and squirrels, then know one thing about them. They are swift and quick. They don’t stop at one place for long. So if you are taking an aim at them, be very prompt and alert. As soon as you see them, start aiming and when you are ready, just fire!

Verify the gun works properly

What good is all the planning and targeting if your pistol fails at the last moment. So make sure that all the parts are working correctly and that you have enough bullets.

Breathe properly

Slow your breathing. The senses of the wild animals are far more developed that humans’. So slow down your breathing. Zoom in where you want the bullet to go. Watch any movement and stay relaxed till you see a probable prey.

Be a good stalker

The better you can stalk an animal without it noticing you, the closer you can get to it. And then, just shoot!

Know your prey

Every animal is different. So decide which animal(s) you want to hunt. Study about them. Learn their behaviour. Know what they do at what time of the day. Find out what they eat and when they eat. And when you are ready, go out to hunt it down with your best air pistol for hunting.

This was all about hunting and scoring the maximum you can. Above all, be safe and don’t kill animals unnecessarily.

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