Everyone who own sports leather boots is aware about the importance of waterproofing them. When we search about the topic “how to waterproof leather hunting boots”; we can find various resources. These can be useful in understanding the basic process as well as highlight the advantages of waterproofing. It is quite important for you to follow some of these techniques to waterproof your leather boots easily. There are various reasons behind the process of waterproofing, but the simplest reason behind this is to maintain the life of the boots. It ensures that your boots are not affected by the weather and other adverse conditions.

Most of the boots are coming with a factory made waterproof coating, but it is worn off in due course of time. Therefore, it becomes important to waterproof the boots. It enhances the life and performance of the boots. If you love hunting and have purchased the boots for hunting it becomes essential to maintain the boots. Waterproofing not only saves your boots but also prevents you from the impact of the weather you are out for hunting.

What will you need to waterproof your leather boots?

There are a few essential items that you will need to waterproof your leather boots. These include the following things which are easily available in the market. It is quite important to select the appropriate items for the effective waterproofing. There are no high-level techniques for waterproofing leather boots, but it requires simple steps of cleaning and wax application on the boots.

Clean dry cloth: You will need a dry clean cloth for clearing the dirt stains from the boots. Usually, cotton cloths are preferred for this. You can also use the napkins used for dusting and cleaning process.

Warm Water and Soap Solution: It is easily available and you need to prepare the simple warm soap solution with hot water for removing the dirt and stains from the boots. You can use any of the mug or pan for this purpose.

Waterproof Leather wax: There are different types of waterproofing wax and compounds available in the market as per the type of leather. You may choose the appropriate wax or waterproofing compound for this purpose. These are available as solid, liquid or spray.

Brush or Applicator: Usually the liquid wax or the compounds are available in the specially designed applicator packs that have the sponge affixed at the mouth of the container. Apart you can use the simple brush for applying the solid wax. You may choose the brush as per your choice.

Leather Conditioner: Once you have applied the waterproofing wax on the boots you need to apply the coat of conditioner. These add another protective coating on the boots.

Waterproof leather boots in four simple steps?

Now we will begin with the actual steps of waterproofing the leather boots. This is a simple process, but you need to consider some points for effective care of the boots. These involve the selection of the appropriate wax and conditioner, appropriate cleaning and extensive application of the wax.

Step 1: Washing

Take the dry cloth soak it in water and remove the easily seen dust from the boots before washing them. This is the basic step for waterproofing your leather boots. There are several types of stains and dirt accumulating on the boots. First of all, you need to clear all these stains and dirt from the boots. The usual stains accumulated on the leather boots vary from the oil and greasy substances to the mud and sap of the plants and animals. Usually, the hunters are facing the dirt issues from the mud, animal and plant substances. These need to be washed off from the boots. It can be simply done with the warm water and soap solution. You can also use the brush with stiff bristle for cleaning the boots.

Step 2: Cleaning & De-tanning

This is the second step where you need to clear all the accumulated stains and dirt from the boots that is left after washing. Some of the hard stains are left even after simple washing with warm water. These need to be cleared in this step. You may use the specific solutions like the bleaching agents and others to remove the stains and dirt. After cleaning is complete you need to dry the boots with the clean cloth. Some of the people use a dryer for the same.

Step 3: Waterproofing and Waxing

Now we begin with the process of waterproofing the boots. There are various types of wax solutions available for the different category of leather. You shall choose the appropriate waterproofing polish and wax for your boots. These polishes are either available in the liquid from or the solid form. The liquid wax can be applied directly with the built-in applicator on the nozzle of the wax bottle. The solid wax needs to be applied with the brush on the boots. The choice of brush and the bristles depends on you, but brushes with the soft bristle are considered as the best choice for waxing. Once you are done with the waxing process you can move on to the next process of conditioning.

Step 4: Conditioning

There are various types of conditioners that are available in the market to condition the leather boots. This can be simply applied with the finger on the boots. After putting the conditioner on the boots you shall rub it thoroughly on the boots till it is absorbed on the surface. This helps you to shine the boots


In this article we have tried to cover all the necessary points that you must keep in mind for effective waterproofing of the leather boots. These points are based on the different steps involved in the process of waterproofing the leather boots. Apart you need to focus on the selection of the appropriate materials that are critical in maintaining the boots. If you follow these steps of waterproofing you leather boots will not only last in better conditions, but also provide services for a longer period.


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