Man has been hunting for ages. Earlier it used to be to satiate hunger. Today man shoots to fulfil his passion. Killing is a sport nowadays and what good is shooting if you do not do it with the best sniper rifle.

Sniper rifles have been in use for quite some time, and people just love it. They work great for long range targets and need lots of perseverance and patience. Practice, patience, and knowledge are the key rules for any sniper to stand by.

Choosing a rifle

This is the most elementary step to learning to snipe. The one that you choose based on the sniper rifle review must be the one that fits your requirements. Picking a gun of an inferior quality just because it is cheap is not at all advisable. It is better to invest in good once than keep spending many times to repair the damages that come to the rifle every now and then.

To get a hang of the prices, go around all your local stores. Check online. And then compare the prices. Use your discretion and get the best one at the lowest prices.

It is considered that bolt-action rifles are more accurate. They also have greater muzzle velocities.

Choosing a calibre

The type of calibre you choose depends on what you wish to use sniping for, and what sort of animal you want to hunt.

  • If you are up to practice, always go for the .308. Use it in rifle-style rounds.
  • If you are more into competitive target shooting, it is suggested that you pick the match-grade ammunition. The reason behind this is that it is much more consistent and uses higher quality bullets. If you are up for only plinking, go for cheap ammunition.
  • The shooting of birds, squirrels can be done by the .22lr. it makes a little noise and less recoil which means that your prey won’t be startled that much, and you will still have the chance to follow up the shots if you miss.
  • The shooting of coyotes or small boars requires .223 round. Though you can kill them with smaller rounds, it will be possible only if you aim directly at the head or the heart. Otherwise, it will die a slow painful death which will be cruel, or not die at all which will be a loss.
  • For a wild game that includes the shooting of boar and deer, choose the .30 calibre round. It can take them down very quickly.

Weight of the pellet

Though the weight of the bullet is critical, it still matters comparatively lesser than the shape of the bullet. Lightweight pellets are favoured for varmint and target shooting as due to the higher velocity, a flat trajectory is created within a few hundred yards from the muzzle brake. Also, the bullet reaches the target faster.

Stay safe

Nobody will teach you this, but it is vital. So you are out to hunt, but how many times did you think about your own safety? As dangerous the rifle is to your prey, it is for you as well. In case, all the firearms are loaded, and you are ready to shoot, check that there is no ammo in the chamber. In fact, keep a yellow plastic there that stands for ‘empty chamber’.

Run a check where you are shooting. The bullets can travel huge distances and have the potential to pierce through the dry walls of homes.

When not using the gun, keep the muzzle pointed towards the ground only. No messing around.

And lastly, all the firearms and ammo are safe and out of reach of anyone when you store it at home.

Follow these guidelines and you will certainly be a pro at it one day.


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