Top Maintenance Tips For Sniper Rifles


Maintenance Tips For Sniper Rifles

So you need a high precision, shoulder firing rifle, but don’t know which one to choose? Best sniper rifles are your answer. They provide high levels of accuracy, and a telescopic sight enhances the chances of success.

Some tips for sniper rifles are enlisted below.

Keep barrel clean

This is probably the biggest factor that helps to maintain a sniper rifle for better action and increased longevity. Pros have recommended that the barrel should be cleaned, and chamber should be hopped up after every 500 rounds. They should also be cleaned after every skirmish because cleaning the dirt that gets deposited there is tough. Experts say that if you just got back after a skirmish and are tired, at least clean the barrel and hop up.

Taking care of the cylinder

The cylinder must be cleaned from the outside every once in a while so that the pull becomes nice, crisp and clean. The piston, spring, and all the internal components must be cleaned thoroughly and re-lube after 5000 round bags of bbs. The reason behind this is the old lube gets dirty with time, so it becomes necessary to clean it up before it starts hampering with the efficiency of the gun.

Cleaning the scopes

Like any other part, scopes also need to be cleaned once in a while. Scopes usually come with a micro fibre cleaning cloth. Just dip it in rubbing alcohol and wipe the lenses when they get dirty. After that, use the dry part of the cloth to wipe it up.

Cleaning the magazines

For optimal feeding, after every 1000 rounds, lubricate the magazines. Dip a q-tip in oil, and put it in the mag, swirling around. Then wipe off any excess lubricant with the other dry end of the q-tip. Don’t apply too much else it will attract more dirt.

Choosing a rifle

The rifle must meet the needs of the shooter. A cheap quality or too expensive gun can substantially reduce the ability and efficiency. Ask around, in your local shops and find out the prices of the good brands. Pick up the one that suits your needs and pocket.

It is well known that bolt-action rifles are more accurate and have high muzzle velocity when compared to other rifles in the same price range and quality factor.

Choosing a calibre

If you are practising, stick to rifle-style rounds. The advantage with these is that they have higher powder to bullet weight. Therefore, they have higher muzzle velocities. However, the cost for such practice it a little too costly.

Although, if you are up for competitive target shooting, it is suggested to go for match grade ammunition. This is because it is consistent and uses higher quality pellets.

However, if you are out for shooting small animals like squirrels, rabbits and so on, go for the .22lr. it has less report noise and recoil, so in case you miss, your prey won’t be alerted. Also, in that case, you will be able to take quick follow up shots.

In case you are targeting to hit a boar or similar sized animal, go for the .223 round. This is the smallest round you will want. Though some people may argue that this is a very small size, but if you go for a headshot, or heart shot, you will either kill it in one go or miss in entirely.

For wild game, go for .30 caliber in your best sniper rifle for hunting as it will put a quick end to your target.

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