Tips To Use A Pump Shotgun For Hunting


Hunting is one of most adventurous activities which people have been doing since centuries ago for fun and recreation of wildlife. People hunt a variety of wildlife, including big and small animals for their entertainment. Nowadays, lots of tools have been developed which have made hunting more interesting.

One such tool for hunting is a pump shotgun. So, if you love hunting find the best pump shotgun for hunting. A pump action shotgun or a rifle is one in which the handgrip of the gun is pushed forth and back to fire. It is faster than the bolt-action and the lever-action guns, since while reloading the hunter need not remove his hand from the trigger.

Since it is a popular weapon and is widely used for hunting, hunters must know the technique to shoot their target with the help of a pump shotgun. Given below are few tips which make shooting with a pump shotgun easier.

Tips To Use A Pump Shotgun For Hunting

If you take few steps before going to the field with a pump shotgun, you can have more fun. The steps include:

  • Be familiar with your gun

If you have bought a new shotgun, it may be a bit threatening to handle it. Before you do anything with your gun do not forget about safety. Make sure that your gun does not have bullets before doing anything with the gun. Unload your gun before cleaning and oiling your gun. Loading and unloading shells must also be thoroughly practiced. Know how to use your gun in the field. If you spend time with your gun, you can know it better.

  • Shoot your gun

Learn to shoot your gun, that’s what the gun is meant for. Find a dummy target and shoot the target a few rounds before shooting the actual target. By shooting you can get accustomed to loading, firing and unloading your gun. After practicing your shoot clean your gun properly.

  • Hunter’s Safety Course

Before going to the field one must take a hunter’s safety course. Do not spoil your fun filled trip by missing the hunter’s safety course.

  • Learn the rules

Before going to the field with your shotgun make sure that you know all the rules. While getting your license you get a book full of rules about when to hunt, go through the rules properly and then follow them when you are on the field.

  • Learn how to hold the shotgun

Put the shotgun to your shoulder while hunting. Do not bring the gun straight to your shoulder. Bring the side of the gun to your cheek before moving the rear end of the gun to your shoulder. Keep your head up while shooting.

  • Learn how to stand while firing a shotgun

Hunters must maintain a particular posture while hunting with a pump shotgun. Square your shoulders while hunting. You must stand with your feet which are shoulder width apart. Keep your elbows down, watch your target and after you point the target properly shoot it.


The aforementioned steps are sufficient to help you go out for shooting with a pump shotgun. Make sure that you find the best pump shotgun for hunting. The pump shotgun must be made of good quality material and it should be free enough so that it can be easily used while you are out on hunt.

Therefore, finalize your trip, pack your bags and then go out to explore the beauty of nature and enjoy the most adventurous activity with your pump shotgun. Once you are ready with the tips and techniques on how to use the pump shotgun, the chances of being successful increase.

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