Tips To Ensure That You Hit Your Target Every Single Time


Shooting is a world famous sport. Since long, man has been hunting either for food or for fun. Over time, he developed various tactics and techniques which led him to become a master of this art. Let us explore some of these tips.

Tips To Ensure That You Hit Your Target Every Single Time

Choose a rifle

Pick the best sniper rifle for yourself. Make sure the rifle fulfils all your needs. Look for the variety in your local store and online. Find the most suitable gun only after comparing all the models available and their prices. Go for a good quality rifle but at the most affordable prices.



Bench rest is the most accurate pick for a stance. This makes sure that you keep the gun on something rather than on the ground.

Prone is considered the most accurate field position for the sport of sniping. One of the most common positions is lying flat on the ground with your belly touching the ground and legs spread out. Shoulder looks somewhat like a ‘Y’. in this way, you can absorb all the recoil that your body needs after firing. Also, the breathing has a great impact on the precision.


It is less accurate though because it puts a strain easily on the person. Kneel down, or crouch behind anything. Rest the gun front on that. Or use a kneeling roll which can be anything like an old carpet, shirt, or an old pant leg that is rolled up and duct taped.


This is usually not recommended as it is very inaccurate. However, if you do have to stand, make sure you are leaning against a wall or a rock.

Popular techniques

First of all, choose a position in which you will hold your rifle. This varies from person to person and needs to be changed depending on the scenario. The most common pose is keeping the butt of the stock in the shoulder pocket, pressing your cheek lightly against the stock, and looking down in the sight/ scope. If the gun recoils with larger velocity, the rifle should be positioned such that the butt rests on the pectoral muscle slightly.

Be aware of how you breathe. With your chest expanding and contracting, and shoulders rising and falling with each breath, there can be oscillations in the gun which will negatively impact the gun position.

One way is to keep your lungs full. Hold it in there and shoot. Exhale only when it hits the target.

If you are in the prone/ kneeling position, open your mouth and throat. Let your body relax. Then, your lungs will get mostly empty. Stay in this situation for a few seconds and hit it.

Eye fatigue is also a common phenomenon. Try not to look through the scope for more than 15 seconds as this will develop parallax and you will lose the focus of your target.

Pulling the trigger also has a trick. Do not just press it. Pull the trigger straight back towards your shoulder. Keep the hands relaxed. Squeeze slowly and then release the hammer only when over the prey.


These help the shooter to see more clearly and precisely where he is hitting. Powers can vary from 1.5x to 50x even. Most scopes come with a windage and elevation knob. These are there to ensure that if there is any inaccuracy, it can be resolved then and there.

Lastly, practice hard and steady. Don’t give up. Remember, even Rome was not built in a day. So keep practising with your best sniper rifle for hunting without giving up and one day you too will be able to hit your target in just one shot.

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