Tips To Keep Your Hunting Boots Happy And Your Feet Happier


For a hunter, his hunting boots are as essential as are his feet. Without them being in the proper condition, he cannot imagine of a good bounty. He has to carry heavy loads, climb steep cliffs, face sharp stones and expose himself to extreme weather conditions.

If he gets poor quality cheap boots, he is going to have the worst nightmare of his life. If your feet only are not with you, how will you expect a good hunting experience? A cold, blistered and aching foot will not only be painful but also impact your hunting to a great deal. Therefore, be very choosy when it comes to hunting boots so that you get only the best. Read on to find the tips to keep your feet happy.

Good socks

Your feet will be happier when you wear good quality socks over them. There are a few qualities of socks you can be beneficial for your hunting boots.

  • Wicking: Wet feet will never keep you happy. So always use socks because they soak away any moisture that is there.
  • Cushioning: If your feet are constantly rubbing against your hunting boots, they will result in blisters. Therefore, good socks provide your good cushion effect so that you can walk miles without having even a scratch on your feet.
  • Compression: If you get socks that provide compression, they will improve the circulation of blood and prevent any foot fatigue. It is especially helpful for athletes and will work equally well for hunters.

What to check in a pair of hunting boots

If you are looking for a perfect pair, there is no thing as perfect for all situations. For different weather and different environment, you need to have customised boots. However, here are some elementary things that you need in your boots that will keep your feet cheerful and not strangulate them.


This is needed particularly if you are going hunting in cold weather conditions. However, if you prefer hunting in the temperate climates, you can do without this factor.


Stiff boots are very necessary if you are hunting. Your feet might get stuck in the mud, or among grasses and shrubs, dry wood and splinters. Your boots must be enough stiff so that these things don’t manage to get inside and prick your soft feet. If you are going uphill, you obviously need a strong pair of boots with stiff sole so that you can keep going.


The construction of your shoes matters a lot. You do not want that the glued soles come out when you are running after your prey. So go for waterproof boots that not only say they are waterproof but are actually the same. Sewn soles, durable parts, and a brand name are what you can trust.

Break in

You cannot and should not go on hunting with brand new hunting boots. Your feet will swell, there will be blisters, and it will become impossible for you to walk in them. Allow for the break in of the boots to take place before you go for the tour.

Lastly, keep your feet dry. Regular clean your hunting boots. Oil and cream the leather so that it looks brand new always. Condition the boots. You can use cream or chemicals to clean your boots. But whatever you do, do not leave the leather exposed to water. Close the pores and then when the water stops seeping in the leather, you are good to go.

Your feet will be happy only if your boots are in perfect condition. So always look into that and they will last long enough.

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