The Best Gun Cleaning Kit: Things You Should Know


It is necessary to clean the firearms regularly for its effective functioning. Every single time trigger is pulled, a tiny explosion occurs in its chamber. This leaves sediments or unwanted residue inside a gun barrel. Therefore it becomes prudent to inspect it properly and give it a thorough cleaning to avoid unnecessary mishaps. Best gun cleaning kit becomes a necessity for a Gun enthusiast as it helps in proper and systematic process of cleaning.

Below are short reviews of some of the best kits available in the market

1. Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit

Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit is a quality product belonging to brand Hoppe. It serves its purpose beautifully by providing a methodical cleaning with help of its product kit. Brand has successfully tested its product in rough weather and tough conditions. Accessory kit has been designed for recreational users and professionals. It is suitable for cleaning both pistol and shotguns.

The accessory kit comes with a cleaning rod made from aluminium that helps in keeping firearms in good condition. There are also nine brushes of phosphor-bronze included; these nine brushes can be used for cleaning firearms of calibres .44/.45mm, .40/10 mm and .357/9mm. The brushes exquisitely remove entire dirt without harming the firearm; these brushes are designed so meticulously that they don’t even leave scratches.

Some of the other items included in the accessory kit includes of 5 swabs for polishing its barrel and eliminating loose residue. There are 4 slotted-ends that can be replaced according to the need and the overall dimension of the product comes around 14X7X3 with the total wieght of 1.8 pounds.

2. Outers 28 – Piece Universal Wood Gun Cleaning Box (.22 Caliber and up)

Belonging to brand Outers this cleaning kit comes in an attractive box of oak-finishing giving it a classic look. Wooden box includes 28 items that works as cleaning gear for a variety of firearms, especially of .22 calibres. It is a perfect fit for keeping all tools organized.

The product kit of wood gun cleaning box includes of three premium rods of solid brass. The entire dimensions of this product are 11.9*8.8*1.8 inches and weighs 2 pounds. There are double loops of patching and eight distinct brushes of bronze material. The five jags provide in the kit are used for cleaning purposes. The varied types of mops provided can be used for absorbing the unwanted moisture. There are at least 50 patches for cleaning along with one cleaning pack. The kit includes of an adaptor that can be used for powering the tool. Out of the several brushes, included one of them is made up of nylon and the kit also consists of reliable chemicals for cleaning purposes.

3. Outers 25 – Piece Universal Wood Gun Cleaning Tool Chest (.22 Caliber and up)

Outers 25 – Piece Tool Chest is a joy to behold as its outer box is made of wood and looks very attractive and eye-catching. Kit has 25 products that make cleaning session look like a piece of cake. Its universal components bring absolute delight to its users as it can clean a wide variety of firearms like shotguns, rifles and pistol. Oak-finishing chest is very spacious and is able to store accessories as well as supplies easily. This cleaning kit serves a double purpose as it can be used as a gun-vise also. Product kit includes

  • Three rods of solid brass with qualitative tips for cleaning shotguns, pistols and rifles
  • An accessory adaptor for shotgun
  • Triple patch loops for fitting pistols, shotgun and rifles
  • Gun-vise can be stored inside the chest when it is not in use
  • 7 brushes of bronze finishing
  • Twin jags that are spear-pointed
  • 50 patches for cleaning purposes
  • 7 mops
  • Reliable chemicals
  • Product dimension is 12*6*6 inches and it weighs 6 pounds

4. DAC Winchester Super Deluxe Soft Sided Gun Care Case (68-Pieces)

DAC Winchester has been promoted as a perfect solution to keep a firearm clean from unwanted substances. This kit is an excellent choice for any type of firearm as it enables correct care, handling and cleaning of a weapon. DAC Winchester has been designed and quality tested in USA. It has undergone all safety measures and has approval of recognised authorities. This case has been created with qualitative components to provide maximum benefits to its users. Its products and features include

  • Set includes 68 pieces that will provide help in cleaning of firearms
  • Customized EVA case
  • Handle made from aluminium
  • 13 pointed jags of brass
  • Single polishing cloth
  • Accessory pouches
  • 14 brushes of phosphor-bronze to be used on .17 – .54 caliber guns
  • 6 rods of solid brass
  • 4 adaptors of brass
  • One Single cleaning-pick and one double-ended pick
  • Triple set of 50 each cleaning patches
  • Removable bandoliers
  • 4 slot-tips
  • 3 brushes for utility parts made from nylon and phosphor
  • 2 breech-brushes
  • Dimensions of this product is 15*2.5*13.5 inches and it weighs 3.7 pounds

5. Cold Steel 2 pc Big Bore .625 Magnum 5-Foot Blowgun

Brand Cold Steel decided to elevate its bar with Cold Steel 2 pc Big Bore .625 Magnum 5-Foot Blowgun. This is a masterpiece that has been created with lots of efforts and quality materials. The features of Brand Cold steel are not just impressive but very useful as well. Some of the features have left engineers and users awestruck. The general thickness of the barrel is somewhere near 3mm; when compared to similar products; it is at least 4% heavier, which makes it one of the heaviest blowguns in the business. The accuracy level is going to blow the minds of engineers and the distinct users. The kit includes of 36 varied types of darts; the gun is designed for blowing dust and items up to a distance, this specific gun can blow dirt up to 20 yards.

The magnum 5-foot Blowgun is available a wide range of colors. The guns are twin-piece in design and look very impressive. The thickness of the walls of the gun is around 1.5mm; there are rubber ferrule, which increases the efficiency of the gun. The gun is known to include coupling tube and threaded joints. The lightweight of around 1.4 pounds allow people to carry it with great ease. There are four unique product that comes in kit, mouthpiece, quiver guard and dart quiver are few of them. the material used for manufacturing of these guns are similar to the ones used for the manufacturing of aircrafts.

How to clean a gun with help of cleaning kit

One must take time for cleaning a firearm after every target practice especially if many rounds have been fired. Regular and proper cleaning and maintenance is a necessity as it will increase its life. One can adhere to following steps for cleaning purposes

Buying a cleaning kit

One must try to purchase a standard and branded product as it will prove beneficial in long run. User can either assemble required components individually or simply buy a cleaning kit that has been pre-assembled. A basic cleaning kit includes

  • Bore brush
  • Cleaning rod
  • Gun oil or a good quality lubricant
  • High quality solvent for cleaning purpose
  • Patches and a holder for placing them
  • Cleaning brush made of nylon
  • Microfiber fabric for purpose of polishing
  • Cotton swabs
  • Flashlight

Unloading a firearm

One must take ample time to unload a gun. Check and then recheck before cleaning it. Open the gun chamber and look thoroughly from front to back and vice-versa through barrel. It is vital to confirm absence of ammunition inside a barrel or chamber.

Disassembling of a gun

It is necessary to go through user manual to follow all instructions carefully before disassembling a firearm. One must not be overenthusiastic, instead must gain access to those parts that are dirty and require cleaning.

  • Some firearms cannot be stripped off and they can be easily cleaned by removing their chamber.
  • Some firearms like rifles and semi-auto pistols need to be field stripped into their components like magazine, frame, guide rod, slide and barrel.

Clean a firearm in a ventilated area

Lubricant used for cleaning purposes has a foul smell and can cause uneasiness in a closed space. It is important to spread out newspaper or old sheet or towel on work surface before cleaning to avoid dirt and grime.

Cleaning a barrel

In order to clean a barrel take a solvent-soaked patch and push it inside until it comes out from other end. Remove it from other end as pulling it back will redeposit the dirt. Now push the bore brush along the barrel to loosen any residue. Now again push the solvent-soaked fabric inside and remove it from other end. This will clean the barrel thoroughly.

Cleaning with solvent

Put solvent on a gun-brush to clean all its parts. Wipe it dry with help of a clean fabric

Wiping down the rest of gun

Take a flannel fabric coated with silicon-lubricant and get rid of remaining residue or debris.

For more efficient gun cleaning, you can refer our guide on how to choose the Best Gun Cleaning Solvent


Why is it vital to clean a gun?

Why is it necessary to clean a firearm in a well-ventilated area?


Why is lubricant necessary for cleaning a gun?


Firearms must be kept in their proper cases to avoid unnecessary accidents. These are hazardous product and hence must be kept safely. People are very serious and passionate about cleaning and maintenance of their firearms and for this purpose they try to buy best available cleaning products. Regular cleaning will prevent rust and provide better performance in upcoming years.

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