Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera Review


This particular trail camera comes with 10 MP (4 resolutions settings) and Hd Video Recording 5 Sec – 180 Sec With Audio, 100ft range and 42 “BLACK” IR Emitters. Burst mode takes one to six shots per triggering to everyone to fifty-nine minute. This specific trail camera will help you capture the awesome images for the animal.

Like a hunter or even enthusiast of wildlife, you would like all those pictures of the creatures, which are unique, apparent, and perfect and need little to no settings modifications all the time. Most of all these particular requirements as a well-hidden camera, which will proceed undiscovered through the creatures or even some other hunters. It is Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera review that will take a look at the functions, benefits and drawbacks plus some of the customer opinions obtained regarding Stealth Cam G42NG.

Benefits of the Stealth Cam G42 :

At first sight, the Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera and outshines of the package with exactly how rugged and compact I think — could you obtain your fingers on this. Among the smallest Trail cameras which you are heading to run into these days, and surely one of the majorities of able, this is really anything that the majority of outdoors men happen to be looking for and more.

Entire Design and style:

As stated above, this specific camera is extremely compact and smartly designed. Regarding the similar dimension like a paperback book (and only a small bit thicker), you are heading to have the ability to install this particular camera to basically everything you can possibly imagine to provide you with the uncommon chance to document almost all the wildlife and character that the camera offers the chance to get in the lens.

Image quality:

The image quality on this particular camera is spectacular, with several resolution configurations accessible, which vary through 2 MP to 10 MP to get still images and complete HD for brief blast video videos.

Features of Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera:

  • Pixel: You will find four resolution configurations with the Stealth Cam G42NG. You may take photos of 2MP, 4MP, 8MP, 10MP and provides HIGH DEFINITION video documenting option among 5 and 180 seconds. Time lapse is the third of the triad technology of this specific camera since it allows you to fix time-lapse options.
  • Trigger: Whenever you would like to capture almost all the activity in the quickest time of as much as .5 seconds after that Reflex Trigger provides you with this specific option. Jointly range of pictures used there is definitely an option to provide the trail camera a few restoration timeout times.
  • Image quality: (MABRT) Matrix advanced blur reduction technology indicates which despite relocating items; you could get the best pictures in HIGH DEFINITION technologies. This is often arranged utilizing the menu keys inside the camera.
  • Range: For the most sustainable consumer of stealth cameras, there tend to be a preset camera and even video configurations, which could modify having a simple flick of the button. It consists of 42 “BLACK” IR Emitters / 100ft range, which can be set quickly. It comes with Burst mode one-nine shots per triggering. For making the users surprised, it offers 1-59 minute recovery time out. On the menu, you can pick to modify the day, time, and even temperatures.
  • Long-term Battery life: Simply like the cell phone or some kind of some other device, the two most significant everything is the space for storage and battery life. This most wanted trail camera can be operated on 8 ‘AA’ batteries. You can recharge this with an external power jack only for 12v battery box. With Stealth Cam G42NG evaluation, you notice you may store your shots and videos on the storage device as high as 32 GIGABYTE. To sum up, you no need to be worried about the Battery performance. You can shot the wildlife without any problem.

Pros and Cons of Stealth Cam G42NG:


  • It offers secure lock having the digital safety that makes sure that none illegal people tamper with your own camera and even configurations.
  • Long life battery pack makes sure, that you do not have to be worried about running low on battery power whilst on the hunting ground.
  • TRIAD technologies provide your own Stealth Cam G42NG with the opportunity for capturing hi-resolution pictures, HIGH DEFINITION video recordings and even time-lapse pictures.
  • Reflex trigger allows you get all those difficult to obtain shots.


  • You are not able to utilize standard rechargeable battery packs because they in some way affect the camera’s overall performance.
  • It Will not assistance almost all storage devices. This mainly works together with Scandisk and PNY.
  • It Might take a few times to learn the procedure of the configurations; however, it may be worth this to the end.

Tips For Hunter Using Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo

As soon as you focus this to the ideal region, the following problem is to attach the particular trail camera to the woods. This is simply not as well hard to handle, however, there are several points you ought to maintain in thoughts. I have lost lots of time away there and discovered a great deal together with the method, therefore ideally you can usually benefit from a few of which practical experience.

Locate your camera to the South or even to the north.

Many people will certainly face all of them possibly because of the west or east. You tend to be looking at all of them directly in the increasing or even setting sun. You will invariably have an amount of the time wherever you end up getting ineffective photos. South will be OKAY, however; I state north simply because you prevent exposures blow out through powerful backlight. Take the compass. It is really worth the small additional work in saving you through false positives and bare or even damaged pictures.

Be sure there remains a great view:

Whenever feasible, I attempt to conceal my trail cameras in a few brushes. Assist in retaining it from the face of the creatures of removing robbers. Make sure you have some method to check the place. An LCD screen or even little camera is effective.

You should hang about three feet off the surface:

Whenever possible, you obtain the greatest outcomes through Three feet. Protection requirements might determine or else, that is good. Hanging greater and fishing downwards goes to outcome in the much more trial and mistake. Once again, in case you check in the area you ought to be good anyhow.

Next Angle is towards the trail:

Therefore, easily it is sometimes ignored. Hanging at a 45-degree angle to the particular trail increases the trigger time of you and provide you with a much better high quality of the whole creatures. Simply improved likelihood of the cash shot!


Think about getting pictures or even video clips in the wildlife, this is really the ideal item. Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera evaluation indicates that the greatest predators suggest this since it is long lasting and cannot be impacted by the modifications in weather conditions, compact, nicely hidden, may take video clips and pictures, offers the most advanced technology to make sure that pictures at nighttime and much through the game camera continue to be captured. It features a long battery life and, most of all, this is safe and no one may tamper by using it or even your configurations. The undeniable fact that it is far from noticeable on the quietest of evenings can make it the great deal.

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