How to skin a Deer with An Air Compressor


This article will share the worth reading information about how you can skin the dear with the help of an air compressor. It is quite sure that everyone considers its own desired approaches for skinning deer, however, have you ever considered skinning the deer with the help of an air compressor.

It is possible that using the air compressor for skinning a deer will sound weird at first; however, it is truly one of the easiest and simplest methods of effectively and quickly skins the deer after the haunt.

It is important to note that whole procedure can be done in only six simply and easy to follow steps, starting for the point of cutting the meat to filling your freezer in order to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

It is considered as the real-world hunting notion and an air compressor is one of the perfect deer-skinning instrument equally efficient to saws and knives. Moreover, if you are a certified stalker and your gameplay is mainly deer, then hopefully this article will help you a lot.

It is advisable to follow the below mentioned steps for skinning a deer.

  • Firstly, it is important to hang a deer head down or head up, however, it is also important to know that while using an air compressor; it will not make any huge difference. It is totally up to you to pick the desired level where you can effortlessly reach the entire thing.
  • After hanging the deer securely, make the initial cut. You can use the knife in order to cut the small hole in deerskin, which covers thigh of the deer. It is compulsory that hole must be big sufficient so that it you can fit the nozzle of an air compressor. Preferably, you might make it so that air cannot go out after putting in the nozzle. In case of making the very huge hole, place the piece of tap or cloth appropriately all around the nozzle so that if fits accordingly.
  • Subsequent phase is to get the needle out of air compressor into a hole, which you have made in the thigh of a deer. Again if does not fit properly, you can make a big hole or use cloth or tape all around the nozzle in order to make it quite air tight.
  • Finally, now it’s time to have more fun. Switch on an air compressor and see as the deer begin to wisp up light the balloon. You might be thinking that what will be happen next. Therefore, it is important to state that pressure of an air drives below the skin and as a result causes it to drive itself off meat. Finally, the pressure of the air split up the skin neatly and easily without wasting any meat.
  • Generally, it works quite well; however, there might be some parts, which are still trapped. If it is so, simply cut an additional entire near the previous spot and repeat the above-mentioned phases. Besides, you can absolutely separate the rest of the skin from the deer by doing this process couple of times.
  • Finally, you have to cut the skin along with the back legs of the deer and then begin to peel. It is vital that skin must be extremely loose from air. Begin from the top and then peel the deer’s skin downward. Always use the knife in order to cut over some spots, which still may be caught.

It is essential to note that it is quite possible that few parts of the deer’s skin will remain trapped to meat. An air compressor can be powerful in each zone below the deer’s skin. Moreover, the deer’s natural figure and some other factors can lead the air inversely & as a result, some spots in the skin left unskinned. In this case, always repeat the cut and nozzle pullout method at bothering spot.

After slicing the skin at rear, legs, just nearby the top hooves, do the normal routine, which you should do with the deer washing after the hunt. You can skillfully skin the dear using the relatively unconventional air compressor method. Moreover, you do not have to waste the mouthwatering meat in any case.

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