A Man has evolved from a hunter to a variety of professions over millennia, but hunting still remains one of the most adventurous things you can do. The objective is not good anymore; it is the thrill it provides and the attempt to keep our inherent killer instincts alive.

Deer remain our favorite prey for two reasons – they are not endangered and they are one hell of an elusive creature. But like many seasoned hunters might tell you, you can never be a good hunter unless you manage to find where to shoot a deer. So what is a perfect kill spot to shoot a deer? This is, frankly, debatable.

While many spots can prove to be lethal, it won’t do you any good if the deer manage to run miles away before dying. And given the fact that the deer is one of the fastest animals in the jungle, it takes its only mere seconds before disappearing out of sight, even when injured. The perfect kill spot depends on a variety of factors, like the mood of the deer, how far it is from you and how firm a grip you have on your weapon. The possibilities are huge.

Unless you are okay with missing the kill, you must always stick with the traditional spots, for the simple reason of probability: traditional spots have a higher success rate. Unorthodox moves require high marksmanship, strategic abilities, and quick reflexes in order to improvise in the case of the first miss. But if you are a new hunter, there are always some spots that will almost always win you the game.

Here are the top 5 spots to shoot a deer that might guarantee you the perfect kill

1. The Brain

This is the spot any new hunter wants to reach for one simple reason- It looks super cool. But unlike what we see in action flicks, shooting the brains off is not always the best solution.

The brain serves as an excellent kill spot for one reason- no animal can survive without it. A dead brain simply equates to a dead animal, period. However, the challenges associated are endless. For once, the brain of a deer is extremely small (mere three inches), so it serves as a pretty small target.

A missed shot would damage the brain instead of shutting it off, rendering the deer in extreme agony or paralysis. The shot can as easily strike the nearby regions like eyes or jaws, again leading the deer to a slow and excruciating death. In most cases, a missed shot would not render the deer motionless, giving it a chance to escape. Hence, unless the deer is stationary and you are reasonably well-practiced, you should not aim for the brain.

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2. Heart and Lungs

These two organs are so closely located that any of them might serve as an excellent kill spot. Damage to heart and lungs stops the flow of blood and oxygen in the body, leading to hemorrhage and instant death in a few seconds. The large target area means that you don’t need to be an ace shooter to make the kill.

The only requirement here is to have a strong bullet that could penetrate through the body. If the lungs are not properly damaged, it might give the deer a chance to escape and die a slow death.  Also, the region is located quite near to the abdomen. As any hunter would advise you, shooting the hunter is one of the worst possible shots, as it spills the contents inside and foils the meat. Beware of the nasty smell!

3. The Scapula

It is surprising that despite being such an efficient kill spot, only a few people know about it. The scapula is the bone that forms the shoulder, anchors the ribs and is also responsible for creating the strong support while in motion. One good shot at this region and the game is rendered helpless. The back is instantly broken, leading to death.

The only problem that occurs here is the high energy required to break the scapula – thus requiring you to have either a very strong gun or a low distance from the prey.

4. The high-shoulder

The high-shoulder has been a favorite spot for hunters since time immemorial, simply because it is elegant to look at. One high-impact shot at this region breaks the spine and also the nervous system of the deer. It might not kill it, but it will render it paralyzed in an instant. This is a very desirable outcome, as the deer is capable of disappearing out of sight even in a few seconds.

But, despite being such a popular kill spot, it has challenges of its own. The most important reason is that it wastes a lot of shoulder meat, one of the best portions of a deer; hence, if you a hunting for meat, you might want to avoid this spot. Also, the chances of missing are quite high in this region; again, if you are not an expert marksman, it might be better to stick with safe spots.

5. The Neck

Finally, we have another favorite spot of the hunters. The neck offers us a lucrative offer because like the brain, we have seen the neck as a guaranteed kill spot in numerous action movies. But unlike the brain, there are not many unfavorable outcomes of missing the shot- if you miss, it will only graze the region, causing only a minor injury to the deer.

However, a well-placed shot will lead to an instant death of the deer. This is because the neck is the bridge between the heart and the brain, two of the most vital organs of the body. A severed neck breaks this connection, rendering the body useless and the brain dead. Also, the impact breaks the spine, further ensuring instant paralysis.

However, like the brain, the neck is also a very small target. The chances to miss are quite high with this spot, so it should be reserved only with those who have had reasonable practice.

Hope, you have enjoyed reading this article. And next time when you will be out for hunting and you target a deer, you will not think a lot about where to shoot a deer.


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