What Do You Need to Know about Rifle Scope with Built-In Rangefinder


Everyone having an interest in hunting knows about the rifle scope with the built-in rangefinder to give clarity of aims. The rangefinders are available in many types and models that you can choose from. It is quite important to understand the usage and advantages of a rifle scope with a built-in rangefinder before choosing one. There are various facts that are associated with the rifle scope with rangefinders that you must know. It will help you in using the rifle scope with more perfection and getting maximum advantages from it. The article focuses on the different facts and working of the rifle scope with built-in rangefinders.

What is rifle scope with built in rangefinder?

Rifle scopes came within reach of the common people after the 1990’s. Prior to that, these were not available for the civilians. The early versions of the different rifle scopes were not quite useful as compared with the models available today. It is a telescopic device that enhances the visibility of the target through magnifying the see through the range. There are several types of rifle scopes with rangefinder built in that can be used for hunting purposes. This gives clarity of aiming at the target and helps in taking perfect aim in the prescribed distance called as the range.

What are the essential features of the rifle scope with the built-in rangefinder?

All the rifle scopes work on the same principle that is used in the telescopes. The variety of features in the different rifle scopes with built in range finder is due to the difference in the capacities and the power they have. The essential features of the rifle scope with built-in rangefinder are as below. These features decide the power of the rangefinders that are built-in with the rifle scope.

  1. Magnification: This is one of the important parts of the rifle scope. It is the ratio of the focal length of the objective and the eyepiece. It is responsible for the linear magnification of the scope. For example, if you are buying the product with 20x magnification than it will make the image of the object as it is   20 times closer to you. The larger magnification provides the smaller field of view and the less magnification reduces the chances of shaking of the images.
  2. The diameter of Objective: This is responsible for the clarity of the image as the higher diameter increases the amount of light to form the image. This is calculated in millimeter. The rifle scope with rangefinder built-in having greater objective diameter is preferred over the others by the users.
  3. Field of view: The field of view is measured either in linear value likes as meters or feet or in the angular value such as the degree of view. This denotes the resultant area that will be seen at the distance of particular range. For example; 2.5 meters at the distance of 100 meters.
  4. Exit pupil: The perfect rifle scopes are having the exit pupil measurement as like that of the fully dilated iris which is 7mm. It helps in getting the maximum possible bright image and the best possible amount of light from the objective diameter. However, the majority of the rifle scopes are keeping the greater exit pupil for the sake of preventing the eye fatigue.
  5. Eye relief: This is the distance between the exit pupil and the eyepiece lens. This is the distance where you must place your eye to see a un-vignetted image of the target. It is better to have the larger eye relief for getting the clearer picture. While using the eyeglass; wearer must adjust it as per the eye relief distance.

How does it work?

The rifle scopes are working as per the different measuring techniques used by the manufacturers. These are coming with different reticles, which are the guiding parameters for targeting at the aim. There are several types of reticles like the crosshairs sign to the different complex styles. These are designed to allow the user to calculate the parameters like as the accurate target distance, bullet drop compensation, windage rectification, and the other combined parameters. The most popular reticle is the Mil-Dot reticle that is giving the reasonable features as described above for ballistic drop, and windage rectification errors.

What are the different types of a rifle scope with the built-in rangefinder?

There are different models of the rifle scope that are available in the market as per the variety of features. These are manufactured by the different companies and have variance in the capacity and functions depending on the parameters and the used materials. These are normally available within the range of 100 to 500 meters of range and the different reticle features. You can select the rifle scope with range finder built in as per your choice based on the above features.

What are the advantages for a rifle scope with a built-in rangefinder?

There are the following three main advantages of a rifle scope with a built-in rangefinder:

  1. Better targeting: It helps in taking better aims at the target while hunting.
  2. Increased Sight for hunting: It helps the hunter in viewing the targets that are invisible to naked eyes.
  3. Enhanced chances for hunting: Within the best range scopes help in aiming at the body parts of the target more clearly as compared with the normal rifle.

How to choose the best rifle scope with the built-in rangefinder?

It can be easily done on the basis of the below four points:

  1. Budget: How much do you want to pay for the same?
  2. Requirements: What are your primary needs from the scope?
  3. Features: Your choice of features like as windage rectification, ballistic drop reconciliation, and others.
  4. Comfort: The built size, weight and the features like illumination, model and more.


Selecting the appropriate rifle scope with rangefinder built in can help you in making your hunting easier and fun. The rangefinder not only helps in taking the perfect aims but also widens your range of hunting. After buying the suitable rifle scope with the built-in rangefinder you will forget the hectic waiting for the target while on hunting expeditions. This lets you find the targets that are almost impossible with the normal rifles and other weapons.

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