All You Need to Know for Better Still Hunting


Still hunting is the process of hunting your game stealthily; it is also known as stalking. This type of hunting is one of the hardest kinds out there because the deer are so evolved with their sense of smell and their hearing as well as their eyes with just one wrong move you could lose your best buck yet. However there are some great and well-experienced hunters out there that are able to just sneak throughout the woods being able to get at least one or two bucks all while perfectly still hunting. Below are the seven basic steps in order to still hunt properly:

The Seven Basic Steps for Properly Still Hunting

Step One –  You need to always remember that you should not ever be in their sight; whenever you have the chance you need to stick with shadows and be used to being covered by the land that is around you in order to blend in a lot better. You need to be as blended in as you can be, this means camo, dark colors, war paint and a hat everything dark and or camo unless otherwise permitted by law.

Step Two – With this step you need to better understand your surroundings; this means to learn the lay of the land. Aerial photos and topographical maps come in handy with this process. They show you places such as creeks, bodies of water, orchards and more; this helps with showing you better places of going first of all to get bucks.

Step Three – Always cover your scent as a human, this means that you need to always keep a close eye on the direction of the wind. Always travel downwind or crosswind of the deer.

Step Four –Only make sounds that are natural in the wilderness of your surroundings such as the noises that buck would make in order to attract a female and so on. With that being said you should also always remain motionless as much as possible.

Step Five – Your eyes are the most important aspect that you need to focus on when it comes to still hunting. You need to be able to master the ability of moving forward while keeping both of your eyes locked on to the cover that lies ahead. Always look for a pathway first and then quickly scan the horizon. After getting this down you will soon find yourself moving just as you should like a deer.

Step Six  With this step you must never forget that you need to be in the right place at exactly the right time when it comes to still hunting. This means that you need to not only know all about the terrain that surrounds you but as well as the actions of the type of deer you are hunting. For example, if you are following a white tail deer than when it is during the early season you need to go hunting alongside of the deer as well as downwind of the deer from a trail that goes from an area where their bedding is to an area where they feed at.

Step Seven  When it comes to still hunting the ideal rifle to use is one that is light enough so you can easily carry it around with you all day long and keep in mind it also needs to be short enough so you have the ability to quickly handle it in the terrain that is all bushy. The air rifle you use also needs to have enough power to be able to drop a deer that is three hundred pounds at one hundred yards minimum. And when it comes to the scope you use it is best to use one that is a low power scope such as 1.5x to 5x. Another kind that is popular to use is known as a pair of peep sights.

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