A gun needs a lot of maintenance. When keeping one, make sure that you do clean it. There are various reasons why you should clean your gun.

Deposit of gun powder

Whenever you fire, the gun powder burns inside the gun and creates a lot of pressure within. Due to the burning, enormous amounts of gases go down the barrel. Some of them manage to exit from some place or the other, but what does not go out are the ashes of the burnt gunpowder. And therefore, every time you make a shot, a new layer of powder gets deposited inside the weapon.

After firing many rounds, the deposited layer can get so thick that the parts won’t fit right. Let us take the example of a revolver. The wheel that has the cartridges embedded turns with a lot of difficulty as the ashes layer gets thicker and thicker.

As the bullet goes through the barrel, a little material from it gets eroded and then stuck in the rifling. When these are filled too much, the accuracy and precision come down abruptly.

The main logic of gun cleaning is to remove all of this burnt powder and clean the entire gun from inside.

Prevent rust

Another aspect of gun cleaning is ensuring that the gun does not rust from the inside. In this case, the gun maintenance factor is also important. Proper lubrication is what we are talking about. And for that, gun oil is used which not only prevents rust but also lubricates the gun.

Frequency of cleaning

Frankly speaking, a gun must be fired a lot, and by a lot, we mean A LOT. Shooting once or twice does not create any issue. Also, most guns are built of high-quality steel that does not rust very often. So cleaning it once a year is fine. However, if you live in a humid area, then you can go for doing it more frequently.

Advantages of cleaning a gun

Having explored what, you need to clean in a gun and how frequently, let us explore some benefits that will tell you why you need to do this.

  • Longevity

If you only maintain your gun, it is going to be with you for years, possibly, even when you are no more. You must have seen guns in an absolutely working condition that belonged to your ancestors. Why do you think they are still as good as a new one? Because they were taken care of and cleaned on a regular basis. Simple cleaning, oiling, and safekeeping the gun does the trick.

  • Knowing how your gun functions

You may not be the curious cat, however, if you clean the gun, you will get to know about it. You will find out what happens exactly when you fire.

  • You learn to lubricate the gun

This is one thing that most people tend to overdo. By lubricating again and again, you get an idea and slowly get accustomed to doing it. Use the best gun grease in small amounts to improve the condition of your gun.

  • Safety and reliability

A gun can take a life, and if done wrongly, it can result in harming the shooter itself. Rust and ash deposits can indeed be the worst foes you can have.

Therefore, it is advised that you use the best gun cleaning kit to clean your gun. This will ensure all the advantages that have been mentioned above.

A gun is an asset for a shooter, and it depends on the shooter only how he takes care of a thing that is so precious to him.


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