This question about wax our compound bow string is kind of a rhetorical question. It is similar to you asking about shoes. Why should we maintain, clean, polish and wax them? It is obvious that shoes need to be taken care of if you want it to last for a long time. The same goes for a compound bow and its parts.

The compound bow is becoming increasingly popular among hunters and athletes. However, newcomers in the archery field must realize that a compound bow, like any other weapon, requires service and careful attention especially if it is used regularly for hunting purposes.

Compound bow is quite a complex device consisting of many parts and mechanisms. Regular full inspection is required to ensure the compound bow is relatively safe to use. Periodic service and regular maintenance are indispensable requirements for safe archery.

What will we achieve by waxing the compound bow string?

Wax is meant to protect a bow string from the negative influence of environment, mainly against moisture. In addition, bow string becomes more uniform, flat, and smooth after-wax treatment.

Waxing a compound bow string minimizes cables from slipping on the runner. In general, waxing the bow string increases the lifespan of the string and prevents from the damage of the bow caused by string snapping.

Effect of waxing your compound bow string regularly

  • prevents from getting moisture into a bowstring
  • absorb into fibres of the bow string
  • lubricates cables and string
  • provides additional coating on the string
  • prevents bow string from drying out

If your bow fasteners are made of stain steel, then they can be coated with wax. Wax prevents rusting of bolts, which is another positive characteristic.

Be careful not to overdo with waxing. The golden mean is necessary. Excess wax makes a string heavy. Consequently, the string becomes slower. For the amateur, shooting it is certainly not as important as in sports, but still, this question is real and should be mentioned.


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