Moultrie M990i No Glow Game Camera Reviews


It is a 10.0 MP digital camera with 2” internal preview screen that makes it easier to view images at a blink. It is having astonishing features such as No Glow illumination that keep it hidden from the pray. Long-lasting battery life supports 9.500 images on one set of battery. Compatible with SD cards up to 32 GB. Last, but not the least its super fast trigger speed won’t miss a shot.

Thinking to buy a game camera and deciding which one to buy could not be any easy go task when several options and brands are available offerings you a premium range of functions. After all, it is not about spending some pennies, it is a matter of hundreds or thousands of bucks. So, one needs to be very sure about buying a right cam. The best way, one could decide about which Cam to buy or not? Or which cam is supporting all the features that a user is looking for is to go through the product reviews of the various game cameras.

In this article, we are presenting you Moultrie M990I Game Camera Reviews that will guide your way through the selection. We are bringing to your notice the key points that should be considered while buying a trail camera.

What benefits Moultrie M990i Game Camera will give to customers?

Moultrie M990i Game Camera has known to provide above satisfactory experience to its users. The best thing it is offering is it’s no glow feature that makes it fit for spying purposes, whether it is hunting or keeping an eye on intruders who are looking for a chance to enter into your property. This cam is ideal for both the situations.

While this is one prominent feature, below is a list defining several other interesting features of this game camera:

  • Picture quality and battery life are the noticeable features of the product.
  • If you will buy Moultrie M990I Game Camerayou will never have issues regarding the blurriness of the picture.
  • Trigger speed is a phenomenon; trust me, you will never miss a shot.
  • It offers HD video recording with the audio facility.
  • Camo Casing gives it a stunning look that perfectly makes it fit for hunting.
  • Authentication added by enabling password set up feature.
  • No Glow infrared has no visible flash which keeps it undetected from wildlife and intruders.
  • There is also provided an embedded internal viewer that makes previewing the images easier.
  • Digital zoom up to 3x lets you examine the images more precisely.
  • It is waterproof; can sustain rain and suitable to be used outdoors in any weather conditions.
  • Various operational modes are available.
  • The aiming mode facilitates to see how far the camera can trigger. This is a great benefit to the beginners.
  • Supports slot for extended memory.
  • It has a delete all options which let you delete all the photographs in one go.
  • Portable battery slot.

Great Features of the Product

  • Pixel: It is having a resolution of 10.0 megapixels.
  • Range: It offers a detection range of 50 feet and a flash range of 70 feet.
  • Flash: No glow infrared feature has no visible flash which makes it unnoticeable from the eyes of the hunt and the Illumi-night sensor works with flash to give fine quality pictures at night.
  • Trigger: Excellent trigger speed of less than a second.
  • Battery Life: It supports 8 AA lithium batteries that can withstand even cold temperatures and can click 9.500 images on one set of batteries.

Pros and Cons of Moultrie M990i Game Camera


  • The aiming mode allows the user to detect the trigger range of the Moultrie M990I Game Camera.
  • It is water resistant and stands firm against any climatic conditions.
  • Its batteries won’t drain out in cold weather conditions.
  • Compatible with external power outlets.
  • 3 times zoom enables you to focus on the images accurately.
  • Camo casing is a distinctive feature.
  • Security is enhanced by password creation facility.


Talking about the demerits of the Moultrie Game Camerait can be said that it consumes more battery than the other relative cameras and Sometimes night photos and videos are grainy but still, it is assured that no other cam can produce better images at night than Moultrie M990I Game Camera and you may find its program settings tricky.

Tips for Hunters Using This Game Camera

Scouting is an amazing activity. But it needs some preparedness and forethought to risen the level of the hunting activity. Here are some scouting tips to improve your game hunting experience:

  • Avoid the camera to face the sun: When you place the camera to face the sun, it brings a slight change in heat and temperature which mistaken the camera lens that there is some game nearby and takes a shot. So, this would result in vague shots and will occupy the memory fruitlessly.
  • Use of Camera box: Game cameras have to be left outdoors and unmanned, if a successful hunt is to be captured. But, this gives rise to a threat of its stealing. The thieves, if will find it open and unprotected then, why will they miss the opportunity to steal it? So, it is better if you buy a camera box and house your cam in it and lock it. This will certainly not assure the security, but at least, will lessen the risk.
  • Be sure about the batteries: Though alkaline batteries cost you much less than the other high-quality lithium batteries, they will drain more quickly. So, never compromise with the quality of the batteries to be used.


Moultrie M990I Game Camera is a feature-rich Cam. Its detection range, picture quality, trigger speed will startle you and will leave behind no reason to regret upon buying this cam.This is a camera full of potential and it is having all the bulky features that two times expensive camera would be having. Its internal preview screen is a user’s favourite feature. So, all in all, it is regarded as the best cam in best price. Hunter must go ahead and buy it.

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