Moultrie Game Spy M-990i Gen 2 10.0 MP Game Camera Review


The Moultrie Game Spy M 990i camera is the winning stroke of the leading gadget manufacturing company. A 10MP camera that records HD videos and clicks high-quality images and accompanied with the latest PIR Technology that could sense any movement and heat within a distance of 70 feet. All this wrapped in a flawless camouflage of mossy oak Treestand. If you are still waiting for the best click of your life, then this is the time to make this buy and bring that much-awaited trophy home.

After a series of highs and lows Moultrie, one of the best gadgets manufacturers out there have just seemed to get their winning combination right. With the market ripe for exploitation and not a huge competition from any side, the newly launched heavyweight Moultrie Game Spy M-990i Gen 2 10.0 MP Game Camera I just hit the home run.

After a modification on the super hit Moultrie Game Spy M 990i, this game camera is a special product for 2016 equipped with all the latest technology to enable you to capture with proficiency the raw image you always wanted to. For all the professional wildlife photographers and expert hunters, this is it.

Why do you need to buy it?

First and Foremost, if you are an avid nature lover with your heart just pounding out and you find yourself saying wow whenever you are in nature’s domain, trust us this product is customized for you and you will love it.

  • It is built specifically to escape the attention of even the most attentive of animals with none of the distractions whatsoever to offer, once installed in its position.
  • It is your ultra silent buddy that will click for you the most intense of your images without even letting anyone feel its presence with its flawless sleuth makeover.
  • It is built and tested against all the adverse weather condition and practically is the guarantee to fill that empty space in your trophy stand.
  • With all the latest settings and a 2-inch screen, the Moultrie Game Spy M 990i Gen 2 is a standalone winner, far ahead than any of the competition in the market.

Improved battery life and enhanced storage options, when combined with the safety function that allows you to store a five digit code password make this Spy game cam a dream come true for you with your best click now just walking to you feeling all safe.

The features that make a great Moultrie Game Spy M-990i Gen 2 

  1. Invisibility – A camouflage in Mossy Oak Treestand combined with the latest available Moultrie’s advanced 70-foot Invisible Flash infrared LED technology makes this camera virtually undetectable under any circumstances. The advance motion sensors are active within 50 feet and detect any movement irrespective of day and night.
  2. Advanced HD Camera Line – 2-inch full-color LCD screen enables you to view the captured images and HD video with a wide range of customizable settings to help you choose the best surveillance possible.
  3. Motion Detection – The modern IR motion sensor is triggered by any high temperature and motion in around a range of 50 feet. Depending on the location of the camera, a breakthrough PIR sensitivity technique can configure a high or low setting.
  4. Motion Detect Delay – The camera can be set automatically for some time-interval delays of 5, 10, or 30 seconds as well as the time-interval delays of 1, 5, 10, or 30 minutes. These delays are sleep after image capture that extends the battery life of the camera.
  5. Multi-Shot Mode – The Triggered multi-shot with three photos need an individual motion trigger for each of its photos. The “Burst” multi-shot mode of the camera allows three photos one after another following a single motion trigger.
  6. Time-lapse Mode – This disables the sensors and allows you to set two different countdown times per day for capturing the flawless image.
  7. Trigger Speed – With the astonishing time lapse of 1 sec, the camera is again good to go to capture more.
  8. Screen Display – A full-color 2″ LCD screen display allows you to navigate through menus, aiming at a live previewing and reviewing your captured images. The main panel on the front of the LCD Screen is illuminated from the behind to have an easy view of the screen during low-light conditions.
  1. Night Illumination – The 940nm Invisible Flash Infrared LED technology can backlit game up to 70 feet away in total darkness. The flash consists of 36 LED Diodes.
  2. Photo Resolution – All the captured images stick to 16:9 aspect ratio with image sizes that can be adjusted for the Low quality of 0.9 MP (1280×720), Medium quality of 2.0 MP (1920×1080) and High-quality images pertaining to 4.0 MP (2688×1512).
  3. Video Resolution and sound – The camera Captures video in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio and can be adjusted between low VGA of 640×480 and high-quality HD videos in 1280×720. The sound is recorded always with the help of the in built microphone.
  4. Batteries & Battery Life – The camera uses 8 AA Lithium batteries that will have a lifetime of 17,000 images in the general scenario. Environmental and light conditions may vary the prescribed battery life.
  5. Additional Power Sources – The camera is compatible with Moultrie’s 12V DC external sources and supports AC Power Mode that enables high field performance.
  6. External Storage Compatibility – The camera is compatible with SD/SDHC Class 4 cards or higher, and storage can be expanded up to 32 GB.
  7. Password Protection – Optional security feature allows you to store a 5-digit code password to operate the camera.

Pros and Cons of Moultrie Game Spy M-990i Gen 2 

Like most of the products out in the market, the Moultrie Game Spy M 990i Gen 2 has both the positive and negative sides to it and the positive attributes outweigh some tricky demerits.


  • The image quality is better than any product in its category by a defining margin.
  • The camouflage of Mossy Oak Treestand enables it to hide in plain sight.
  • Highly resistant to adverse weather conditions.
  • The password protection feature allows you to settle any security concerns.
  • Its Compatibility with external power sources is a huge plus point as it allows long hours of battery life.


There are some demerits that overshadow the camera’s distinct lovable qualities. Price is a huge factor whenever you are buying such a product and to get best quality images you will have to shed some heavy money in the spy camera. But it is beyond doubts worth the expenditure. Also with so many settings to offer, the control panel may turn out a bit tricky for many u users.

How to Use Moultrie Game Spy M-990i Gen 2 

There is always some advice that will enhance your experience with better results. Remember to follow this route your next trophy.

  • Avoid facing camera towards the sun. The sensor used in PIR Technology acts on the change in heat and this may at times result in vague shots.
  • Read the camera manual thoroughly and make sure you understand all the settings and modes at the offer.
  • Make your note about the charging in the camera and be there before they drain out. Always prefer high-quality lithium batteries over alkaline ones.


With all these extreme capabilities, the next generation of Spy cameras is here. If you are a person of nature who appreciates its scenery beauty when captured raw with the beautiful animals and birds, trust us, this Moultrie Game Spy M-990i Gen 2 10.0 MP Camera is tailor-made for you. The excellent user reviews just confirm the point and this product is here to stay and dominate all its contemporaries.

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