Improve your shooting skills with the air pistol


Shooting is a fun sport but learning it is quite tricky at times. If you are lucky enough to hire an instructor, it will be a piece of cake for you. However, to master this art, you need to keep practising. And guess what, it is much more than that.

So you are off to a good start but want to improve your skills to be a professional shooter. Most people will tell you a variety of things, but there are a few tips that will always come handy if one wants to improvise his shooting skills to the topmost level. These have been very regularly followed by professional shooters and look where they are now.

Improve your shooting skills with the air pistol

Air pistols are the tool for the goal because they are the simplest to use. So, try out these tips. Incorporate them into your daily lives and then only you can achieve the level of accuracy and efficiency you want.

Make a diary

Whenever you are out on the field to practise, be very observant. Keep a lookout for all the problems, no matter how minor. Note down things like finger problem, hand movements, and so on. Then start with one problem and try to solve it. If you aim at improving all of these at one go, it won’t be possible, and you will be stuck. When you are done solving a problem, tick it off in the journal. Mention how you got over the problem, so that in future, you get to know exactly what and how you did.

Shooting tips that improve accuracy

  • Remove any slug and ammunition that are in the air pistol.
  • Hold the pistol using proper grip
  • Keep the target aligned and then hold the gun point in a straight line.
  • Focus all of your body, mind and gun at the target.
  • When pressing the trigger, make sure you do it very slowly, and don’t move at all.

Aim small, miss small

This is a well-known quote from the movie Patriot. If you are aiming at a small target, then a miss will result in the bullet landing close to where you were aiming initially. Elaborating it, don’t just shoot at your target only. Adjust the scope in such a way that the shots land near the intersection. Thus, there will always be a fresh spot when you fire.

Go for smaller number of shots

A 10 shot group will always be larger than a 3-shot group. So to decrease the size of the group, go for lesser shots.

Use real paper targets

These are a treat if you are shooting. They don’t tear away like regular copier paper. They will be standing upright even after multiple shots and will work like a wonder even then. Thus, you won’t need to keep changing the target that frequently, and can focus more on the shooting.

Use good pellets

It is critical that good bullets are used. They are as essential as having the best air pistol for hunting. For beginners, the brand-name pellets are recommended. You can also use the trial and error method. Buy a selection of quality ammo and start testing each tin to conclude which pellets are the best for you. It all depends on your rifle and the purpose for which you are shooting. Ask an expert if you still have any doubt.

In the end, it is rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. So just keep practising and never give up. Then only you can master the art of shooting correctly.

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