How to hunt a Deer in any zone efficiently


Deer Hunting Properly and Accurately:

Right off the bat when it comes to deer hunting you need to where to hunt them, when to go hunting for them, what deer scouting is, all about the gear that you need to go deer hunting with, the fundamentals of setting everything up for deer hunting, the basic strategies for aggressive deer hunting and what part of the body to shoot the deer for what reasons. All of these aspects are the basics of getting the hang of deer hunting; it may sound like a lot but it is not hard to learn all of it and once you have the hang of it will become like second nature to you.

Where to go hunting for deer:

Hunting on public land is the best thing that you can do and when it comes to public land there are three main types of it; local, federal and state. Federal land is owned by the people of the United States, The fish and wildlife service and more and most of it is open to the public for hunting. State land is usually like areas that are wildlife managed or state forests. And then there is local land, this land is usually owned by the government within cities and or counties as well as in school districts and believe it or not but a lot of them do offer up public hunting; it’s just that no one knows about it.

When to go hunting for deer:

Based on the time of the year as well as the conditions of the weather there are several different times in which it is best to go hunting for deer, it also depends on what you want to be using the deer for. Early in the season of deer hunting it is important to remember that they will be in larger groups and more concerned about getting food so look in places where they go to eat. Later on in the season their sources of food change so their location changes as well. Breeding for them still has not started so the main focus is all about food.

Scouting Deer:

Scoping out deer is very easy to do, begin with having an aerial map of where you are going to hunt and look for these features on it:

  • Thickets – Deer can hide in it or stay in it
  • Travel corridors – This is just a low point between two hills
  • Rivers and creeks – This is the best place to go especially if it follows alongside of a bank
  • Fields – It doesn’t matter what the field contains it will be a place they go to look for food

Gear for Deer Hunting:

Using what is known as ground blinds or a tree stand is the best thing you can do, especially when it comes to the massive amount of time that will be spent just sitting there being quit and waiting for one to come by. Just remember that safety is first so have some ladder stands as well as climbing stands and or even a lock-on stand; they all work well but offer their own pros and cons to the hunting trip. Be sure to always wear boots and enough clothing to be warm, nothing bright and nothing that smells like cologne or body spray. Have a whistle, plenty of bullets, binoculars a knife and a few other things.

The basics of setting up:

Once you have found your spot just stay there until one comes by, moving around will just keep them away. Get settled and check the wind several times, get comfortable and be ready. Hunting is nothing but a waiting game but once you get that kill shot it is all worth it.

Decoys and Deer Calling:

There are several different noises that you can make in order to attract deer such as making a grunt call, rattling antlers together, doing what is known as the snort-wheeze or even the estrous bleat. Then there is also the situation of using a decoy deer which is just a fake deer to hopefully bring out another one.

Where you should shoot a deer:

The anatomy of a deer never changes so get the basics down and you will be good to go. Shooting in the cavity of the chest is the most efficient way of getting the job done. You want to be sure that your bullet goes behind the shoulder of the deer in order for it to hit either the area of the lungs or the area of the heart.

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