Before you begin cleaning and maintaining your air rifle you need to be able to have a basic understanding of how it all works; once you know this information you can be safer when you partake in at home repairs on it. Some of the main things that you need to watch out for are the springs being too powerful and or the internal damage that there may be on the inside unexpectedly when you are stripping it down. Below are the steps you need to follow when it comes to maintaining your air rifle the right way:

  • Step One – Be very careful when doing this step; remove the stock as well as the trigger guard off of the air rifle.
  • Step Two – You should have the meteor covered by a vice that is lead-covered in order to prevent any damage from happening and both of the locking pins should be free from the trigger mechanism so you can remove them safely.
  • Step Three – Now you can remove the cap on the end just remember to keep tension on the spring, you can do this by taking a screwdriver and holding the pressure there while removing the spring retaining pin at the same time.
  • Step Four – You can remove the screwdriver by replacing it with a piece of wood that is large in size against the spring and then allow the spring to slowly relax on the wood.
  • Step Five – It may be a lot of work to just remove this one piece but it is always worth it to do things the right way; now you can slide out the spring from the housing.
  • Step Six – So now the spring as well as the locking pin should be removed from your air rifle and you can now take away the cocking lever in which is what enables the piston to be removed in the first place.
  • Step Seven – Now that you have got the cocking lever out of the way you can remove the piston from the housing very carefully.
  • Step Eight – Take a small hook and remove the old breech seal.
  • Step Nine – Remove the piston head from the piston in this step.
  • Step Ten – With this step it is important to remember that the Meteor has two seals, one that is a shock absorber and one that is an air chamber. In this step you are removing the air seal one.
  • Step Eleven –Replace the breech seal with a new one, it does not go in that far but you need to put some grease on it before hand.
  • Step Twelve – Lightly oil the housing as well as the inside of the chamber before you put the piston back where it belongs.
  • Step Thirteen – Once you have returned the piston to where it goes you can put the cocking lever back to where that goes and then you can replace the barrel and the put the spring back.
  • Step Fourteen – Even after replacing everything you are going to have to remember to lightly grease the spring every now and then.
  • Step Fifteen – Now you use the screwdriver again to put pressure on the spring and place in the retaining pin.
  • Step Sixteen – Put the trigger mechanism back where it belongs and then put the end cap back on as well.
  • Step Seventeen – This is the last step in the process of maintaining your gun, here you put the trigger guard back where it belongs as well as the woodwork and once the Meteor is refreshed you need to fire it and test it.

Now you know how to properly maintain your air rifle. This includes what to remove and how to take it apart as well as how to clean it, replace it and put everything back together correctly. This method works the best for the majority of all kinds of air rifles that are out there.


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