How to Get Better Images and Bigger Bucks With Your Trail Camera


For each type of activity and practice, we always have one particular device which helps support during the process. Similar to hunting, trail camera is known to be the most effective tool when individuals can rely on it to gain the better results.

If you are the professional hunters who have the love for catching bucks, then having one trail camera would bring lots of benefits. For instance, when you can shoot the picture with high quality and clear vision, you will find it easier to follow the bucks activities as well as catching them in the short period of time.Have you prepared yourself some tips for the upcoming buck hunting seasons? This article will lend you a hand in making use of your trail camera which results in high-quality pictures.

1. Keep track of the new updates

In fact, trail camera was designed as the small devices. Similar to other electronic devices that people often use in their daily life, those machines were controlled by the main firmware. For those who have not known, your devices still get in trouble when there are bugs appeared in the firmware.

In terms of technology, there are two common reasons which can happen, including the new updates of firmware and the happening of bugs inside your firmware.

  • Firstly, individuals can take a look when there is a new update for their trail camera. Commonly, just access the manufacturer website and you will see the notifications for this.
  • For those who find bugs in your trail camera, don’t hesitate to bring to the manufacturer or professionals and they can help you fix the problem as soon as possible.

2. Focus on its own setting

If you are the type of people who love discovering things by yourself, then having your own setting with the trail camera will help you with lots of benefits.

By adjusting the dimension and features, you can get rid of the frustration and heartburn, which can lead to breakage for your camera

When individuals understand how to make use and develop all the functions of their trail camera, they will find it easier to shoot a clear and great picture. This will make the hunting process go smoother and softer.

3. Target one particular buck

If you have read our last article, you will recognize that this element was also mentioned in the last article. For those who often target a large number of deer at the same time, this is less likely to offer the greatest result as well as the exciting challenges when hunting outside.

Therefore, it is highly regarded that hunters should target one particular deer that you often come up with during the hunting process – the one often wanders around your area. When targeting to one goal, individuals now can know more about the route, the time that they often come and even the regular movements of this animal.

According to some professionals who specialized in hunting buck, keeping track of their activities enables individuals to have the clear vision about this animal. Then they can plan the route as well as build the following track for catching it.

4. Improve the photo system

Obviously, when checking your trail camera after 3 -4 weeks, there will be tons of pictures that individuals can use for their hunting process. When people have more pictures, they will have to know the method for organizing and collecting them effectively.

If you have used the trail camera for years, you obviously know that this type of machine offers the SD cards which individuals can store their pictures as well as download them into your own laptop. Therefore, just need to deliver all of your pictures into the laptop for organizing them later then keep track on following the bucks with your camera.

In contrast, there are still people think that this is the time-consuming and complicated method. However, don’t be so worried. With the development of technology, there is now trail camera comes with the effective functions which allow individuals to analyse their targets.

5. Set the trail camera for a higher stand

When mentioning about this element, there are lots of reasons why we suggest you set the trail camera on higher location, especially when shooting in the forest or valley.

  • There is one fact that less people know is deer are afraid by the flash appears from your trail camera. Not only the sounds from the shutter, but flash is also the common element which makes individuals fail in catching their target.
  • When you place your trail camera on the high location, it will reduce the chances of spooking your deer by the flash or sounds from the shutter.
  • On the other hand, when individuals understand the right method for setting their camera, they are less likely to face with unexpected problems such as catching the direct sunlight or the wind from its direction.
  • Apart from the weather conditions and objects which can limit your vision, following this method also helps individuals limit the human eyes in their pictures. It will help you focus more on the animal rather than other elements.

6. Make combination between time lapse and modes

Obviously, purchasing the trail camera gives individuals various modes which they can use for the hunting process, including Time Lapse. This mode is suitable for those who intend to go hunting on the wide area.

Actually, you will receive some benefits when making a great combination between those modes including:

  • Allow individuals to target into wide area without having any trouble
  • Maintain the lifetime of your battery. As a result, you don’t have to spend much money on changing and replacing the new battery for your trail camera.

Using the trail camera for your hunting process is very easy. However, it is highly regarded that individuals make use of different modes and features to shoot the target easier. Hopefully, these tips above will help you more in getting the perfect and clear images when hunting your bucks.

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