How Fake Gunplay Works For Your Kids And Best Army Themed Products

Having kids comes with a lot of responsibilities, and believe it or not, one of those responsibilities is helping them find ways to entertain themselves and mature. Along with those activities, finding an outdoor activity is one of the best things you can do.

There are many options for us to pick, some of them related to pools while others are more linked towards sports. Still, a big thing happening for children nowadays is enjoying outdoor activities related to gunplay.

Yes, even I was one of those kids who enjoyed playing with fake guns. I remember playing with a lot of my family members in the backyard, imagining that sticks were current guns and we’d run and make sounds of gunshots all over the place.

It’s something that I enjoyed a lot, and it was born because of my insane attraction to video games. Perhaps the evolution of video games and how present the industry is in our current society has turned this into an even more popular activity.

But a lot of parents might be worried about how their children might turn if they engage in such things. It is an understandable concern, but is it justified?

Video games have been scientifically proven to help children (and even adults) improve certain aspects of their lives, and during these times of quarantine, it has even been linked to reducing depression and providing a way for people to cope with all that has been going on, including loneliness.

But what about gunplay? Is the outside activity beneficial for them?

Gunplay and Kids: How it Works

Would you believe that there is no current scientific link between kids playing games related to fake war play, and them turning into violent adults? In fact, it has been considered somewhat healthy for them to do so, but how does it work?

Well, as mentioned in this  article, problems start to arise when you start labeling such an innocent activity in a negative way. This is because, for them, it’s nothing more than that: a simple game where they pretend. They understand very well that they are faking it.

Labeling it as something malicious or dangerous is what is wrong because that directly translates into shaping their imagination, dreams, and desires to become heroes, into a bad thing.

They can’t possibly understand what is wrong with playing with their friends. After that, they might have problems understanding what things are actually wrong in society, or have problems with conflict or cooperation, or coming up with solutions for problems.

These types of games in general are good to create a morality gauge in their minds, so they can differentiate what’s good from the bad.

It also teaches them how to control their emotions in front of conflict and the most important thing, how to set up rules and limitations to create a game that is fun and reasonable for all parts. Of course, you can help them find this middle ground as well.

War play and games that actively help them release some of their instinctive behaviors, can be a good thing, but a lot of people make the mistake of forbidding these games because they believe they are bad for their growth.

In fact, it’s the contrary! Forbidding activities that help them explore their minds and imagination, as well as release some of their instincts in a physical and emotional way, is what is bad, and it can incredibly affect them during their growth.

It also encourages them to make friends and interact with them in a way that helps them find solutions and have a healthy discussion, which is a good way of growing. It also encourages physical activity, which is absolutely necessary for healthy development!

Physical Activity, Another Big Plus

There are many reasons kids need to play under the sun, but the most important ones are related to their growth and their overall health.

Did you know that sunlight is the main source of vitamin D? Of course, we can get some vitamin D from pills, but they are not as effective as 10 minutes under the sun, and vitamin D is an important aspect of a child’s growth, since it fluences many aspects of the body, including:

  • Bone development
  • Immune system efficiency
  • Reducing depression
  • Helping with focus and improving mood
  • Improving the quality of sleep

You can learn more detailed information about it over here:, in case you are interested.

Exercises are another big plus of playing outside. One hour of exercise per day can improve their physical health in many different ways, and boost body functions that are in charge of their development.

Socialization is another important aspect of playing outside. It puts them in a situation that might be awkward at first but will result in very positive consequences, mostly related to the interaction between children. This will improve their social skills and teach them about themselves and the world.

Become a Cool Parent and Help Out

Being a good parent is always about doing more than you are supposed to, and this includes helping your children come up with the best ways to have fun.

When it comes to playing outside, you can make a little investment and get them the best gear they can get for their games. You can buy army products at Kids Army Inc, for example, to help them get immersed in their gameplay.

With toys and equipment, it becomes easier to come up with games, rules, and activities. For example, if your child has enough friends, you can come up with a capture the flag type of game using a water gun, in where two teams are spread in a zone and have to protect their flags while trying to capture the other team’s flag.

When one of them gets wet, they are out of the game for a couple of minutes before entering their side of the field. But here’s the catch! Add some extra gadgets like water-filled balloons, but they can carry only 3 of them, but when they are shot, they get new balloons, so they have chances of helping their team even after losing!

It’s up to your children’s imagination, and what you can come up with. You can take ideas from video games if you want, or do some research. The best way to go is to find a place where they could play freely without a care of the world, so try to have that in mind when coming up with a plan.


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