Guide To Choose The Best Rifle Cases For Hunting


Rifles are one of the most precious and dear accessories for a hunter or a gamer. For those, who already have a rifle or have a few rifles, they know, how important is to have a rifle protective case or we can say a good rifle case. It’s really a matter of using your common sense, will you ever leave your Rifle open or put it in a sack while you are on a trip to a forest? Or dump it in your bag along with your clothes? Can you ever imagine doing that with your Rifles? I think not..right? A person who has a good common sense and also has a rifle will definitely think about buying a best rifle case that would keep it safe and ready to use where ever you go.

Can you ever imagine doing that with your Rifles? I think not..right? A person who has a good common sense and also has a rifle  will definitely think about buying a rifle case that would keep it safe and ready to use where ever you go.

So, if you are feeling so desperate to find a perfect rifle case quickly that will be a long lasting cradle for your rifle, then stop your search here. Here you’ll be able to make up your mind and find the best rifle case in just few minutes.

What You Should Look For Rifle Cases:

First, let’s have a look at things, you should keep in mind:


Knowing the “different types of rifle cases” is really an important thing that you should decide about. There is a wide range of rifle cases available out there depending upon the material that is used to manufacture a particular case. There are metal rifle cases, wooden cases, plastic cases. Each of these types is widely used and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Like the metal ones are best for travelling abroad, when you have to travel in airplanes and your rifle will be at risk for severe shocks and abusive handling practices during loading and unloading.
  • While the wooden cases can serve your rifles to keep them safe when they are not supposed to be subjected to severe pressure or extreme weather conditions.
  • Plastic rifle cases are cheap and can withstand to keep your rifle safe when it is in your own hand or in your car or your personal vehicle. Most of the rugged and well designed rifle cases can withstand severe weather conditions and damages and are still very light in weight.

Size And Shape Of The Rifle

Next comes the size and shape. You should buy the rifle case that is the exact match of your rifle. Because, if you buy a huge box or a little one that doesn’t fit the size and shape of your rifle, then it would be of no use and will not be able to keep your gun safe.

Special Features

Then comes the interior features. The rifle case that has a perfectly padded interior with all the necessary compartments, and perfect locking system, to keep the accessories of your rifle safely in a perfect way should be your first priority.


You should never compromise on quality and always try to pick a quality rifle case that has been produced by a trusted manufacturer has a proven worth of itself.

Guide To Choose The Best Rifle Cases 2016

If price is a serious concern for you then try to make sure you don’t compromise the quality, features and utility aspects while finding a cheap product. You can find affordable yet quality products if you keep your focus in the right direction.

Now if you have made up your mid regarding all these aspects then let us give you our selected list of top 5 rifles cases from which you can surely pick your best rifle case quickly:

1. Plano Molding Company Tactical Gun Case

Plano Molding Company Tactical

Editor Rating:

This Plano Molding company product is one of the most popular and a high rated Rifle case. It is not an exaggerated description, as its value can be judged through the customer response it has got. The rifle case has a rugged body exterior that is specially designed to withstand severe weather conditions, can bear with airplane cargo handling, and has a dri-lock system to keep your weapon safe in the rain also.

The interior of the case has been designed to provide a superior, customized foam inserts, that keep the rifle and its accessories in place no matter how the case has been placed. It is completely water sealed, has easy to open latches and safe locking system, and also has an easy handle to carry this lightweight yet strong rifle case along with you. The interior dimensions of the rifle case 37″×13″×5 inches.

2. Pelican Products 1750 Gun Case for Rifle

Pelican Products 1750 Gun Case for Rifle

Editor Rating:

This Pelican rifle case has also won the hearts of rifle owner as it has offered the users the ease of use and a safe casing for the rifles at an affordable price. The case has a rugged plastic exterior that is completely water proof, dust proof and shock resistant, that will keep your weapon safe from all sorts of hazards. The latches are easy to open and lock. There is also an o-ring sealing feature to keep the interior safe from water invasion.

There is also an automatic pressure equalization valve in this that helps the casing to withstand water pressure and keep the interior free of moisture. It also comes with a great interior designed that is fully padded with soft customizable foam to help you manage all your rifle accessories according to your desire. The interior dimensions are 50.50 inches x 13.50 inches x 5.25inches.

3. VISM by NcStar Gun Case

VISM by NcStar Gun Case

Editor Rating:

Sometimes, you don’t need a heavy duty rifle case and safe, easy rifle carrying case would do all for you gun carrying needs. This one is a very easy to handle rifle case, that is made of weather resistant PVC exterior and fully padded with heavy foam inside. It can hold the rifle easily inside and is packed with the help of two zippers that can be opened quickly to put your weapon out of it. This case is a great option while you are on your way to hunt in your car or walking through the jungle. It has 5 magazines carrying pockets for you to load your gun when needed.

4. Tactical Ar Case

Tactical Ar Case

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For those who need a cheap yet rugged and hard cover case for a rifle, then here is the one. It comes with a rugged plastic exterior, an easy rear drag facility, gyro spin and safety locks to keep the rifle safe. It has an egg carton shaped interior to give a snug fit to the rifle and keep it safe from bumps and pressure from outside. There are separate Velcro straps present inside to help you fit your weapon firmly inside the case. All in all, it is a simple, sturdy and easy to use, affordable rifle case.

5. Plano Pillared Single Scoped rifle Case

Plano Pillared Single Scoped rifle Case

Editor Rating:

This is a great, affordable, helpful rifle carrying case. It comes with a sturdy, easy to pick handle and easy open latches that can be opened or closed with a flick but still locks the case very well. The interior of the rifle case consists of egg crate foam and is sufficient enough to accommodate a rifle along with a scope and magazine. It can help you carry your rifle along your way to a nearby track or forest. I can keep the rifle safely in place.


Here we have given you an option to select from the best out of hundreds of options available in the market, so that you can easily pick the best one from these 5, without wasting a lot of time and efforts. You can read through these best rifle case reviews to get a better understand and do a quick comparison between the products easily. You would regret buying a best rifle case from these chosen ones, because they are, no doubt, the best in this category. So, don’t waste your time and pick one, that suits your needs.

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