How To Get Yourself To Hit The Target In One Go


Shooting is a passion for many. But mastering this art needs more than just the passion. It needs a lot of dedication, focus, attention and perseverance. Here are some tips which will help you become proficient in this field and one day you will be able to hit the target in one shot itself.

Know about your air pistol

It is essential to have a prior experience of shooting with air guns because it takes a while before you can go out for hunting. Practising a lot before going to hunt makes it easy. In this way, you can get acquainted with the trigger release and your eyes adjust well to the scope and weight of the gun.

Get used to your air pistol and then it will work as per your wish. You won’t have to strain or think before hitting your target.

Practice different stances and positions

If you have practised shooting in various positions and at various angles, then while hunting it will be easy to shoot in whatever position you can aim the best. You won’t feel uneasy in shooting in a favourable position that will turn your prey into bounty.

Pellet selection

Pellets might seem like a fickle thing, but they also hold a significance when it comes to shooting correctly. There are many types of bullets available like round heads, pointed heads, hollow heads, ball bearing head and so on. But if you want to get the safest chance, it is best to go with dome-headed pellets.

However, every person has a different preference. So it is recommended that a selection of quantity ammo is taken, and each tin is tested to see which has the better results.


The way you stand for shooting matters a lot when it comes to hitting right. A correct position is very important. The shooter must feel comfortable. Otherwise, he will not be able to focus on the process. Also, one should stand in such a way that with minimum effort, maximum results are produced. The shooter should not stand in such a way that he gets fatigued even before aiming.

A preferred position is standing with feet about shoulder width apart. The shooter should also keep the pellets handy. And he must be able to retake a shot in the shortest time span.

Also, one should be in such a pose that it does not restrict the blood flow or puts unnecessary pressure on the neck and shoulder muscles. Breathing should be done properly, but while pulling the trigger, breathing stops must be taken so that there is no loss of precision.


This includes the follow through. It means that when the bullet leaves the best air pistol that you use, you should not drop it off immediately. Take 2 to 3 seconds to concentrate on it. What happens is that after the shot, the brain is still processing the positive energy balance.

Stay organized

Onsite training and practising definitely work wonders, but there is one more step to hit that bull’s eye accurately every time you pull that trigger. Someone has rightly said, learn from your imperfections and you learn it well. Whenever you are out shooting, just focus on your weak points. Write them down in a journal. Thus, you can concentrate on what areas you can improve.

Pick up one flaw at a time and then improve it. Work on it till it turns into your strong point. This way, you will achieve that final touch of perfection and hit your target every sing time.

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