How To Get A Gun License


Getting a gun license is a difficult task. No matter which state you are in, you need to undergo background checks and submission of documents. Your fingerprints are scanned, and you are thoroughly verified before you can get a gun license.

Well, the rules vary place wise, and therefore let us look at it separately as to how to get a gun license.

How to get a hunting license in Indiana


You can get your license either online, or in person, or via mail or even on the phone. To be eligible for a gun license, here are the prerequisites and following subsequent conditions:

  • A license that has been validated by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources allows you to hunt any wild animal in public as well as private lands in the state.
  • You must have a permanent home and a primary residence in Indiana 60 days, consecutively, prior to buying a license.
  • This license must have an original signature that is in ink and should be carried along during any activity of hunting.
  • If you are born on Dec 31, 1986, or after it, you should fulfill a DNR-offered hunter education class.
  • You can reprint licenses online in case you lose them.
  • Such licenses can be revoked if you are found violating the fish and wildlife laws.
  • Licences are under no circumstances transferrable or refundable.

To get a license online, you can visit:

If you want to get the process done with in person, you can visit any of the retailers of the

Or if you want, you can order it by mail. You will need to send your name, date of birth, Hunter education certificate if your date of birth is after Dec 31, 1986, your complete address,  Social Security Number, season, height, weight, color of hair and eyes, and money payable to Indiana DNR via check, money order or credit card number.

Alternatively, you can call on (317) 232-4200.

How to get a hunting license in NJ

A hunting license in New Jersey is issued by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife. You must know that NJ has an Integrate Electronic Licensing System to issue hunting licenses. It can be done by you or by agents. This system maintains a database of all the hunters having a permit.

The profile goes by a Conservation Identification Number, which appears on the license.

For hunting, you need to show the proof of a previous year’s resident license or a hunter education course. If you are a non-resident, you should use the Non-resident License Documentation Form.

Once the requirements are fulfilled, you can do everything online. You can print it out on durable paper, or if you want, it can be mailed to you, which does have the shipping charges added.

How to get a hunting license in California

To get a hunting license in California, you need to produce personal identification documents and an accepted hunter education certificate.

The license and their prices depend a lot on your age, place of residence and animals you are going to hunt. Check which one you can apply for before doing so.

  • Resident hunting license: This is needed by residents who are 16 years of age or older, and can hunt mammals and birds
  • Non-resident hunting license: same requirements as above, but for non-residents only
  • Junior hunting license: This is applicable to anyone below 16 years of age.
  • One-day non-resident hunting license: This is available only for the non-residents who hunt birds in the following:
    • Licensed Game Bird Clubs (for this, Upland Game Bird Stamp is needed)
    • Licensed Domesticated Migratory Game Bird Shooting Areas (Federal Migratory Bird Stamp and California Duck Stamp is needed)
  • Two-day Non-resident hunting license: This permits non-residents, 16 years old and plus, to hunt down birds, small game mammals, furbearers, and nongame mammals for two days. If you want to hunt specific species, you will need additional stamps and tags. However, this license does not hold for deer, elk, bear, antelope and bighorn sheep or pig.
  • Duplicate hunting license: You should complete and return the original application that came with the license

Other than these, you will find licenses on disabled privileges. A list of such licenses are:

  • Disabled Veteran Reduced Fee Hunting License
  • Mobility-Impaired Disabled Persons Motor Vehicle Hunting License Application
  • Visually Disabled Muzzleloader Scope Permit
  • Disabled Archer Permit

To hunt special animals, you need different game applications like:

  • Resident First-Deer Tag Application
  • Resident Second-Deer Tag Application
  • Non-resident First-Deer Tag Application
  • Non-resident Second-Deer Tag Application
  • Resident Bear Tag Application
  • Non-resident Bear Tag Application
  • Antelope, Bighorn Sheep, and Elk Tag Drawing Application

The bird hunting stamps include:

  • California Duck
  • Upland Game Bird Stamp
  • Federal Duck Stamp
  • Harvest Information Program Stamp

You can get lifetime hunting licenses as well.

  • Various age groups
  • Lifetime Bird Hunting Privilege Package
  • Lifetime Big Game Hunting Privilege Package

So this was all about how to get a hunting license in the various states. Anyways remember to follow the etiquette and rules and you will have a good time hunting.

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