Frequently Asked Questions about Hunting


Hunting is considered to be one of the most adventurous activities we happen to indulge ourselves in. Although it is said that hunting is in our blood considering the survival of prehistorical men, it would be really foolish to chase something without having proper knowledge. Hunting fun can turn into horror real soon when there is lack of concentration or knowledge or some weapon inconvenience. There are some basic facts that all beginners must know and having a clear view of these things will pay you in the long run.

Here are 10 most frequently asked questions about hunting that will make the journey easy and you will feel confident in front of your game.

The questions are categorized for convenience.


Whenever you leave for hunting your little ones may ask to join you. Before breaking their hearts here are some information that might help.

1. While hunting, am I allowed to take my children?

Answer: Yes, you can take them hunting but never let them be a part of it. Not even of driving the game. Large amount of snacks with an extra pair of binocular won’t hurt. It will keep them busy and close to nature. Beside it arouse interest in them and they will learn a lot of things.

2. Can I let my daughter or son hunt while I’m hunting?

Answer: Yes, your children are allowed to hunt as well but they must have hunting license otherwise it’s a big NO. They can do things only when it is not violating the laws by any means. Though they will not be allowed to be a part of any hunting that deals with big games. Don’t let them even chase it.

3. Can I shoot a deer with a spear from a tree?

Answer: No, you are not allowed to use spears, this is against the rule and make the whole scenario illegal. The authority can take any steps against you and your license could be seized. So do not try anything that is not permissible in that area.

4. What is meant by antlerless deer?

Answer: When any male or female deer has antler shorter than 3 inches it is declared as antlerless. Antlerless deer is supposed to be tagged BOW/MUZZLELOADING or with your DMP or either s.e.x tag. Any deer having antler longer than 3 inches has to be tagged with your regular season or BOW/MUZZLELOADING or either s.e.x tag.

5. What types of scopes I can’t use in New York?

Answer: Anything that emits light from behind becomes prohibited in New York. You are not supposed to hunt with any kind of artificial light. Specially deer and bear are out of your reach. Artificial lights like laser can be used in case of bobcat, raccoon, coyote or fox.

6. How to know which blades are legal while switching to mechanical blades from fixed blades?

Answer: For big games, broadheads with mechanical heads are allowed but you must know that they don’t from any kind of hook or barb while taking it out of the deer or bear flesh or skin. Most of the mechanical blades show this problem so they have to be avoided.

7. What legal attractants are available for deer hunting?

Answer: Cover scents and lures like doe urine can be used during hunting. It is illegal to use salt blocks or mineral lick in that area. Besides, you can’t make them eat anything. Feeding you game is completely illegal. Mixing any attractant with other food is also illegal.

8. Am I allowed to use my Regular Season Tag while being on a Special Season?

Answer: Your regular season tag is not valid during the beginning of the special season. They can be applied during only regular season but there are exception. The end of the special season can be covered by the regular season tag.

9. Can I carry a hand gun while hunting?

Answer: No, in any circumstances, u are not allowed to carry any kind of fire arm. These types are things are used for personal protection, not for hunting. So if you are archery hunting still you are hunting and there cannot be any hand gun or something alike. With special permission you can keep it with you but no use in hunting.

10. Is it oaky to leave my box/ground/climbing stand or tree in forest for the entire session?

Answer: No, you cannot leave any of the aforesaid thing in forest for whole session. Leaving any hide point for more than 72 hours is illegal so you cannot leave your box or ground. Special permission may change the consequences.

These are the most frequently asked question about hunting. These will make things easier for you and properly following the rules will save you from any kind of trouble. To go according to the rules is very important in hunting otherwise your license can seized and may lead to uneasy consequences.


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