Frequently Asked Questions about Air Rifle, Pellet Guns


Air guns seem to have controversy over everything. The idea people have is very vague and you seldom come across any expert. Therefore it is problematic for a beginner to buy an air rifle. It isn’t only used in hunting but there are different purposes as well. Because of the all the rumor it happens to carry with itself, it is very important to provide people with the right information.

This article deals with some basic information that will give you a clear view about air gun and it also answers the most frequently asked questions about air rifle, pellet guns etc. that will help you in this field.

1. Would moderators reduce the performance of my air gun in terms of power and accuracy?

Answer: No, moderators do not affect the accuracy of your air gun if you can fit it properly. In fact, if you place your silencer properly it will increase the performance as it dissipate the turbulent air from the pellet. Later it starts its flightpaths and reduces the muzzle flip. In case it’s not fitted properly it can result in pellets clipping internally and that happen to reduce accuracy of the air gun.

2. Do I need to clean my rifle barrel?

Answer: There are many controversies regarding cleaning the rifle barrel. Many hunters think that it is not necessary to clean your rifle barrel at all. They think it has nothing to do with accuracy or the life of the rifle. According to them there is no connection between the rifle barrel and its performance some hunters think that the barrel should be cleaned after specific time or use depending on the performance.

3. How often should I clean my rifle barrel?

Answer: You should clean your rifle barrel depending upon its performance. If you see your rifle is not working properly without any valid reason, like there is no loose stock screw or something then you should try to clean your barrel. Specially if your starting to use non-lead ammo it would be better if your clean the bore. It will be effective for the performance as well.

4. Does the pallet get slowed down due to tighter rifling?

Answer: Extra tight rifling can cause poor performance due to extra-deep depression in the air chamber. Due to extra tight rifling the piston moves on the cushion irregularly. This makes the rifle jumpy and the whole performance tends to decrease. On the other hand, a tighter rifle can result in better performance if we use PCP.

5. May using lighter pellet make it faster in velocity and flatter in trajectory?

Answer: The physics seem to support the above the theory but practically there are many factors that come in between and effects the performance. The lighter the pellet the fast it is in velocity but due to increase in velocity trajectory is flattened and the power reduced.

6. How to clean my rifle barrel?

Answer: If you are switching to non-lead ammo then you should scrub the bore out to eliminate the last trace of lead. You can use a bore cleaning rod, phosphor brush and bore-cleaning solution. Then you clean the rifle with a rag and buffing mop. Always do the cleaning operation at the direction of the pellet travel. In case of PCP, do not use any rod.

7. How does air stripper work?

Answer: It diverts away all the dirty air turbulence that surrounds the pellet when it leaves the muzzle area of a barrel. This means, when the pellet travels to the target the path is clean and turbulence free. This results in perfect shot and results in success. Though there is a problem of fitting the material properly with your rifle, once it is fitted it will be beneficial.

8. May I fit a stripper to my hunting rifle?

Answer: Stripper can improve the performance of a hunting rifle but if you attach one with your rifle then there would a lot other factors as well. If you are a hunter then it is not necessary to attach stripper with your gun. A simple silencer would work fine. In case of a competitor it would be wise to switch to a stripper.

9. Is it okay to have more power than 12ft/lbs.?

Answer: According to the local law, it is not permissible to have anything with power more than 12ft/lbs. if you own any firearm with that feature, it is breaking the law and you could face fine or you may end up in prison. There could be sizing license as well. If there is a certificate from the local constabulary then only it would be considered legal.

10. What are the best pellet?

Answer: The best types of pellets are round shaped and made of lead. The quality varies based on the manufacturers. There are some very famous pellet maker that provides the best service in this field. They are Air arms, Crosman, RWS, Daystate, H+N etc.

This is basically all the useful information you need for your hunting fire arm. So to choose an air rifle/air gun or make it work efficiently you can go through these most frequently asked questions about air guns, pellet guns.

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