Essential factors need to consider while selecting a scope for air rifle


An air rifle scope is the most essential part of the gun; it improves the accuracy and helps beginners and learners to hit the target with utmost precision. The scope carries multiple lense, which helps to magnify the image and augments the object details for the hunter by bringing it to a common visual plane. Many people try to use the firearm scopes with air rifles, which can damage your air gun because air guns have double recoil and they need a different scope to bear the vibration and the two-way recoil. All of the best air rifles come with a good quality and high precision scopes to make the most out of the air rifle.

Choosing the right air rifle scope for your gun can be an intimidating deal since there is a variety of them each with its own set of features. Gaining knowledge about the scopes and their features can help you choose the right one for your gun. Some of the key features of an air rifle scope are:

Air Rifle Scopes can be fixed or adjustable. A fixed air rifle scope has a pre-defined magnification of usually 4X32 or 4X15 and you cannot go beyond this magnification with a fixed scope. This type of scope is suitable for beginners and small game hunters as it does not require any manual adjustment and with a 4X resolution, the image is augmented 4 times the actual size making it highly suitable for short range hunts. You should consider to buy the one that suits your hunting needs well and would let you hunt the way you want without any limits.

The adjustable air rifle scope has a variable magnification size ranging between 3X32 to 9X32 allowing you to adjust the object volume depending upon its size and distance. With a variable scope, you can go as far as magnifying the image to up to 9 times of its original size, hence giving you the freedom of hunting long range hunts. However, adjusting a variable scope can be tricky and might require a lot of practice. But hunting pros really like it due to the fact the greater accuracy can be achieved using such rifle scopes.

Air rifle scopes also require a mounting hardware to mount the scope on to the gun and keep it intact during the shooting process. Single piece and multiple piece mounts are used with air rifles, chosen according to the power and vibration force of the rifle. A high powered air rifle with a strong vibration force will require a single, tough piece of mounting hardware, whereas two piece mounts can be used for low powered, spring rifles.

Getting familiar with the different sizes and purpose of air rifle scopes can help you greatly in choosing the right scope. Exploring air rifle scope reviews and checking different brands is the next step which will help you in making the right solution according to your needs.

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