Enjoy The Experience Of Hunting With The Pump Shotgun


Wildlife has always been mystery to mankind. People are eager to know and do researches to know about the latest news of wildlife. To unfold the mystery, to know more about them and to take part in recreation people choose hunting.

A trip of hunting is adventurous and a way to enjoy yourself when your life becomes boring. Earlier people used to hunt with bow and arrow but nowadays with the development of technology lots of weapons have been developed to hunt.

One such weapon is a pump shotgun. Hunters must choose the best pump shotgun for exploring the wilderness and enjoying their hunting experience.

Pump shotguns are available in variety of shapes and size. They are easy to use and are also affordable. Juts learn the basics of pump shotgun and your work becomes easier.

How to hunt with a pump shotgun?

Hunters must get intimidate with the shotguns as they are going to handle them throughout their hunting trip. In order to get accustomed with your pump shotgun follow these steps:

  • Treat the shotgun as if it is loaded

You must always treat your gun safely. Do not forget to wear your ear and eye protection tools while shooting. Until the gun is set to fire, make sure that it is safe. Do not press the trigger until you want to fire.

If you are not firing then keep the barrel of the gun aimed up or keep it straight on the ground. Do not point the gun towards yourself or others even if the gun is not loaded.

Instead of using your gun just for aiming, firing and loading respect it as a tool.

  • Hold the shotgun properly

Every time you hold the gun make sure that you keep your hand on the middle of the grip. Hold the gun firmly by creating a V by your thumb and forefinger of your firing hand.

With the non-firing hand hold the grip of the gun. Keep your hand behind the trigger. Hold the gun gently in a secure manner.

  • Keep the gun in firing position

Always put the shotgun in firing position rotating the hand upwards. The rear part of the gun should be firmly snugged into your shoulder.

If you do not keep the shotgun tight in your shoulder it would become difficult to shoot with the gun. If the gun is held tight the shot becomes easier since the body absorbs the kick.

Keep your feet apart and your knees must be slightly bent while shooting. Bend your body for around 40 degrees towards your target.

However, make sure that your finger is not on the trigger. Do not put your finger on the trigger until and unless you are ready to shoot the target.

  • Decide what you want to shoot

Pump shotguns are basically used to shoot the moving targets like birds flying in the air. Practice shooting on clay pigeons in rural areas before you actually start hunting. Always choose a spacious filed to practice hunting.

Learn to shoot this way. Fix the position of your gun to shoot while you are on the field.

Launch the clay pigeons on the range and watch how others shoot the moving birds. Clay pigeons are a great way to learn how to shoot moving birds.


The easy to use shotguns which work on a pump action have been used as a hunting tool since centuries. Find the best pump shotgun for hunting since they make your hunting experience a memorable one.

Therefore, do not forget to take pump shotguns with you while you are out on hunt.

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