How To Easily Restring Your Hunting Bow


Many hunters love bow hunting. It is a little more stealthy than actually hunting with a gun. You have to sneak up on your prey more closely and takes a little more skill and practice to bag a deer or a bear. So, taking care of your bow is essential to help it last over time and to continue to allow you to enjoy the hunt.

One of the most important aspects of your bow is the string. It’s important to know how to maintain your compound bow’s string. So, how do you know when you need to change your hunting bow’s string? And how exactly do you change a compound bow’s string? This article aims to answer both of these questions for you with any easy step by step guide.

How To Tell If You Bow Should Be Restrung

Your hunting bow should be restrung every 1 to 3 years depending on how well you take care of your bow, how often you use it and if you wax it at all. You should wax your compound hunting bow after each time you take it out shooting or hunting. Periodically you will need to check your compound bow’s string for any wear. Check to see if your bow has any frays or looks worn out in any areas. Pay closer attention to the areas in the string that fray more often due to friction, such as the Cams Point and the Nock Point. Also check your bow’s draw length. If the draw length looks unusually long to you, that is a good sign that your hunting bow’s string may need to be replaced. If you see any problems with your string you should probably change it.

Once you decided your bow’s string needs to be replaced you will need a couple materials to replace it. These materials are rather simple and easy to find.

The Materials Needed To String Your Bow Include:

  • Your compound hunting bow
  • A new bow string
  • An Allen Wrench

Step 1: Start By Inserting The Allen Wrench Into The Limb Bolts

The limbs of you bow connect to your riser with a limb bolt. Locate your limb bolts and place the allen wrench into it. Loosen the limb bolt with your allen wrench. Be sure to just loosen the string. There is no need to fully take apart the bow.

Step 2: Next With Both Of Your Feet Stand On The Bow String

Place your compound hunting bow in an area where you can easily step on the old string. Use both of your feet to hold down the old bow string. This way you are ready to open the bow all the way up.

Step 3: Gently Pull Up The Riser With Both Hands

Step 3Take your hands and pull up on your hunting bow’s riser. Be sure to continue pulling up until your compound hunting bow reaches it’s full drawn position.

Step 4: Take The New Hunting Bow String And Place Loops The On Tear Drop Fittings

Use one of your hands to hold the riser while you use the other hand to take the new bow string and place it on both teardrop fittings of your hunting bow. Each side of the new string has a loop that fits in the teardrop fittings on each side of your compound bow. Be sure to take a minute to inspect the loops and make sure they are fully on the teardrops. You don’t want them to fall off.

Step 5: Next Remove Old Bow String

Step on the new string and once again pull up on your compound bow’s riser until it is in the fully drawn position. Then remove the old bow string from its fittings and slowly lower your hunting bow.

Step 6: Finally Tighten The Limb Bolts

The last step is to tighten your limb bolts with your allen wrench. Take a few minutes to inspect your bow and your draw length. Make sure to inspect the fittings again, as well. If everything looks okay you have successfully restrung your compound hunting bow! You are ready to go shooting again.

Final Thoughts

Bow strings will fray or become worn out over time. Every one to three years these bow strings need to be replaced. They also need to be checked and waxed periodically. At first glance it may seem difficult to change your hunting bow’s string. However, if you take your time and follow the above steps, changing your string will be a whole lot easier. Don’t forget to always check your compound bow before you go out hunting and periodically throughout the year to prevent damage. Also it is a good idea to have a professional from your local hunting store inspect your bow occasionally. They can teach you and offer you advice that you may not know.

A hunting bow that is well taken care of will give your years of hunting and shooting fun!

This video shows in much more detail how to restring a compound bow and may answer any more questions that you may have. Take a few minutes to read it and see for yourself.

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