When it comes to duck hunting on rivers it requires a different mix of hunting strategies for a successful duck hunt. A river is a perfect place where you can find plenty of ducks to hunt and is open to public.

Ducks love to hang around rivers because it has fewer hunters and is a natural feeding and loafing spot.

For a successful hunting in the river, it is important you know where the ducks are likely to be feeding or roosting. This will help you know the spot to set up your decoy.

Remember that a river is always flowing, so to convince the ducks to fall into your set up, you need to find a spot where the river is a little calmer. The best duck hunting happens in mid-morning when birds return in numbers from feeding in the fields.

Another good time to hunt in the river is when the river is flooding and spreading to surrounding lands.
Check out the following duck hunting tips which you can use on your next duck hunting mission.

1. Plan the duck hunt

For you to have a successful duck hunt, it is important that you plan. Scout the hunting ground via Google Earth before you go duck hunting. This will give a clear picture of what to expect before you set out for hunting.

You will also know the best hunting spots by checking where the birds are feeding from and roosting.

Also, check the route the ducks will take to travel from one point to another. Look at the weather so that you know the direction of wind. This will help you select the right blind and set your decoy.

Also check the spot where the ducks will be landing. To avoid sabotaging your duck hunting quest, check that your gear is in good shape.

Don’t wait till the final day to discover that your boat motor is not working or your decoy is damaged.

2. Get the right gear

Before you go duck hunting make sure you have the right gun, clothing and gear. You can start with a dozen of decoys for your step. You will also need chest waders to keep you dry when lying on the ground. If you are not sure which shotgun to use, go for a 12 gauge chamber gun with 3 inch magnums.

Make sure that your blinds and clothing matches the surrounding area. A dog can also be helpful in retrieving ducks that you shoot. Don’t forget to carry your duck call. In addition, you will need to have a license to hunt in your area. To hide your face, you can use a face mask. This sport of duck hunting is highly regulated with restrictions set to protect the population of ducks.

3. Camouflage with natural vegetation

Successful duck hunting requires that you conceal yourself from ducks using natural vegetation. The boat you use to hunt should be covered in green vegetation. To successfully do this, make sure you use a stretch cord to line the sides of your boat. Then you can secure them using pop rivets or screws.

Afterwards you can weave your boat with natural vegetation, including bulrushes and cattails. This will conceal your boat and if it is well woven, the vegetation will stay in place all season of duck hunting.

4. Break the ice

The best time for duck hunting is when the river is frozen. Breaking the ice so that you can create holes in frozen river is an effective duck hunting strategy. For this look natural to the ducks, try to break the ice into big chunks that can be pushed below the surrounding lake ice to create an open hole. If the ice cannot break into large chunks because it is too thin, use a landing net to collect the floating ice.

If the ice cannot break into large sheets because it is too thick, use a heavy axe to break a hole in the lake ice. Stand on the surrounding ice and kick the muddy water with your ice boots to create a clear water. This is a proven borrowed strategy that will work when you are looking to take down the ducks quickly.


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