Dry Fire a Compound Bow Review


Dry firing your compound bow is both dangerous and can damage your bow. This is an act of firing a bow without an arrow. Some bows are easily damaged by dry firing than others. Unfortunately, compound bow is one of this bows that will get damages easily as a result of letting the string loose without an arrow. Here are 3 questions you need to know about dry firing a compound bow:

  • Why compound bows are more susceptible?
  • What could happen after dry firing?
  • What to do in case you dry fire your bow?

Why are compound bows more susceptible?

The mechanics of the bore involves a lot of moving parts. When you release the string without an arrow, the potential energy in the strings and the pulley systems, which is used to propel the arrow leads to intense vibration of the string and the parts. In addition, the compound bow has a high tension that the make is easy to get damaged by dry firing.

Dry losing a modern compound bow that has high-poundage will result to a combination of bent axles, cracked limbs, cable slide failure, string derailment, and string or cable failure. In some intense cases, the bow may even shatter, and this may read to physical injuries to you.

While a few bows can survive a dry firing with no harm, no makers warrant their bows for dry firing, and any bow that has been dry loosed needs to be inspect for safety before shooting once more. Specifically, the arms need to be investigated for breaking around cam axles and the opening of the space where the cams or pulleys fit in since they have a tendency to tilt sideways after a dry firing.

What could happen after dry firing?

When you dry fire your compound bow, the parts can fly all over the place as the debris, the string may snap, or everything may seem normal. Thing remaining as normal after dry losing your bow is a disaster waiting to happen. First the bow may break into pieces while you try to fire your arrow harming you, and you lose your bow. Secondly, you will have to use extra money to repair or replace the bow.

What to do in case you dry fire your bow?

In case you dry fired your bow, take your time to check all the parts for possible cracks with a magnifying glass. If everything looks at ok and you were not able to discover anything amiss with your bow then you are fortunate, and you have two alternatives, your first alternative is to shoot an arrow. Make a note of any abnormal clamors, or vibrations. If there are no dangerous clamors, or vibrations then you can take it to a bow repair shop where have the resources and tools to examine the harm.

You should avoid dry losing your bow. To help minimize your possibilities of dry losing your bow you ought to dependably shoot and arrow, and point it at a target. If simply want to test the working conditions of the bow make sure to draw with an anti-dry-fire discharge. Always make sure there is an arrow before you fire your bow. Dry fire a compound bow will not only harm the bow but may also cause injuries to you.

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