Covert Special Ops Code Black 3G 60-LED Wireless Game Camera


This Game Camera offers 60 Invisible Flash LED’s and trigger speed 1.2 seconds. It used 12 AA for battery and can take 3000 pictures. Especially, wireless MMS technology allows individuals to transfer their images to the mobile phone and other devices through MMS message. Support 32GB SD Card.

Among various outdoor activities for releasing the stressful thoughts and enhancing your body strength, hunting is now becoming popular with individuals who love to discover and challenge themselves in a difficult mission. To help support for the hunting process, it is suggested that individuals should not forget about getting the high-quality gears.

Thanks to the development of technology, trail cameras have been renovated with new designs and lots of useful features. There are some typical types of cameras which allow individuals to record the video, but still remain high quality, especially the Covert Special Ops Code Black Wireless Game Camera. This article will help individuals get an overview about this trail camera.

Benefits of customers when using this product

Individuals always want to understand which benefits they will receive when buying one product. When getting to know about these benefits, it would be better for them to compare with the purposes of using this device.

  • Can be used effectively for wildlife activities and security protection inside the house
  • Modern design for young generations
  • The SD card offers lots of space for saving images and videos
  • Made of high-quality materials

Great Features of Covert Special Ops Code Black Wireless Game Camera

Among the designs, the important elements which help to make this Covert Special Ops Code Black Wireless Game Camera are the features that individuals can utilize during the hunting season. These features release out the specification so that customers can consider carefully or they can even make the comparison with other models of the trail camera.

  1. Pixel: Design to offer customers with the 3-5-8 MP Resolution, just enjoy shooting the images with this device. And your images will look very clear and well-formatted through the high-resolution.
  1. LED: When purchasing the game camera, the LED is one of the important elements since users can utilize during the night. With this invisible flash LED, its flash range up to more than 60 feet compared to other models in the market.
  1. Memory: For those who are careful about the quality of your device, this Covert Special Ops Code Black Wireless Game Camera offers the 32 GB SD card for storing a variety of images.
  1. Battery Life: Operates on 12 AA’s taking approximately 3000 pictures. Compared to other models in the market, this one seems to lose battery in just a short period of time. However, this feature also depends on the hunting process as well as your purposes for using it. If you rarely utilize this game camera for hunting, then this is not a big deal.
  1. Wireless: Among different useful features of this device, the most interesting feature that catches attention from most individuals is the wireless MMS. This function allows individuals to transfer their images to the mobile phone and other devices through MMS message. On the other hand, you can forward the picture through email for the convenient look.

Pros and Cons of this product

In one device, there also the advantages go along with weakness. When people can get all the advantages and limitations, they can clearly define whether they should choose this product or not. However, let’s take a glance what benefits individuals will receive from the device and the limitation from it.


  • Design with high-quality resolution (known as 3-5-8 MP)
  • Offer individuals with a large memory for 32GB.
  • Can be used for both wildlife activities and security purposes inside the house
  • The LED ranges for more than 60 feet with wide observation
  • Easy to transfer the images into mobile phone or email inbox


Taken from some feedbacks of latest customers, there are still lots of limitations that this Covert Special Ops Code Black Wireless Game Camera needs to be improved. For instance, the LED was said to the range for more than 60 feet. However, in reality, it does not as the manufacturers have shown to their customers.

For those who often have the habit of sending their images through email, this process may decrease the quality of your picture. The image which was sent is still 800 x 600. It is better if the manufacturers can still remain the resolution of the image roughly 1024×768

Tips for hunter using Covert Special Ops Code Black Wireless Game Camera

This game camera allows individuals to observe and shoot various images due to the useful features. For some beginners, they may find it hard when getting to understand as well as using the Covert Special Ops Code Black for their activities. With these tips, your process will be much better and easier in just a short period of time.

  1. According to some customers, the battery life is a little bit short. Therefore, when your hunting process seems to last for so long, don’t forget to bring enough battery.
  1. Since the LED does not reach the range as most manufacturers have promised, it would be better if you can find any kinds of stuff for supporting the process.
  1. BE careful when transferring your images from the Covert Special Ops Code Black 3G 60-LED Wireless Game Camera into your mobile phone or laptops


Among various types of outdoor activities, hunting is now getting attention from most individuals. Besides the proper methods, it is better if you have one high-quality game camera for supporting the process. With this Covert Special Ops Code Black Wireless Game Camera, there are various functions and features which help your hunting time become easier. However, every device has its advantages and drawbacks. When individuals understand the way for improving it, it would be better than ever before.

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