Observing wild animals’ life is always an interesting activity for studying, researching, hunting, scouting or just watching natural living to widen knowledge or relax. However, we don’t have enough time and conditions to view wild life directly. That’s why the hunting trail camera was invented and became a popular tool for people who love natural.

What to know about Trail Camera

Trail cameras have quickly became a smart choice for wildlife watchers thanks to lens can capture color images clearly and high quality video with audio during the day. You can control your camera from anywhere via website so as to you can observe a wide side view whenever you want. Furthermore, with simple setup and camouflaged skin, trail cameras can easily record videos and take photos without get any attention.

Therefore, you can watch unaffected and common life of wild animals without any conditioning obstacle. Trail camera can work for a long period of time by saving power thanks to energizer delivers long lasting power to keep up with modern high-tech equipment with battery packs.

Moreover, if you get nervous about memory and how many photos can it hold, just relax. Almost trail cameras today support removable and big capacity SD memory card, so you can take photos and record videos comfortably without worrying about running out of memory space.

Besides, trail camera has many accessories and functions such as emitter, retina low-light sensitivity, night vision, rapid fire shot,…etc… that help you in your observation very much. With these things, trail camera is a necessary device for people who want to know and watch how ecosystem out there is existing day by day. Besides taking photo and recording video benefits, trail camera also has many conveniences. Some of them support to delivery photos instantly to your cell phone or email, so you can receive information about the area where you are watching whenever you can get access to the internet.

Moreover, trail camera is not difficult to be mounted stability to a tree, you can easily set the height of view and hide the camera to get suitable sight.

On the other hand, trail cameras have some disadvantages that you should know. Make sure you set your camera in inconspicuous place and safely. Although you mount it to a tree, some unlucky occurrences can happen. Your camera can be stolen or have problem in working like: have difficulty capturing picture in bad weather, get unclear audio or images, be damaged by wild animals or something, out of battery,…etc… You should read the information and instruction carefully, test it several times before use because you can’t check it often. If your camera has any accident or error, you can’t fix it right away, also can’t repair or substitute its accessories, or even know how to fix it. But don’t worry, scouting and other same activities that require you to be friend with nature are popular nowadays, so it’s not difficult to find a place and repair or upgrade your camera.

Trail outing. A good camera provides wildlife watchers with detailed information about some kinds of animals live in area where you mounted, and also captures pictures of other animals that wander in.

The old generation of trail camera has used film as a material which could be consume the plenary roll of film just one night. Nowadays, most trail cameras are digital which have brought more possibilities to hunter.

Therefore, I will guide what you need to know about trail camera to help you to choose a quality camera for your next hunt.

Things to consider when choosing Hunting Trail Camera



Modern trail cameras support to use a memory card as a main storage. The amount of pictures can be stored in your camera depending on the memory capacity of the card you use. This is a desire for hunters to limit their activity in the hunting ground because with large memory capacity, you can minimize the time checking the camera. Some trail cameras can record animal actions in front of the camera as a video, so you should use cards with large memory to store some video clips.


Depending on your camera model, videos and photos can be sent to you in many ways. Some trail cameras can delivery photos and videos directly to your smartphone; some can replayed videos and view photos on computer, television, or some portable field viewers, as long as you are still in coverage area or get access the network of camera; some have a USB connector or cable to connect with your home computer or television. You can control, edit, and sort your camera, and then receive images from your camera by your computer.


Trail cameras are usually mounted to a tree in areas where animals are expected to live in. Make sure you mount your camera at the right position of the area so that it has no obstruction to the view. Don’t mount your camera facing the east or west because setting or rising sun can cause “white out” to your photos. Although modern trial cameras have many modes that support to take high quality photos, I suggest you should choose a suitable height and position to set up your camera to get best images.


Trail cameras are usually used for a long time and have to be durable, weather resistant, and have qualified batteries which supply power for your camera is important. Some cameras use solar panel inputs to charge and use solar energy as power during the day and night. Trail cameras also have battery level indicator as a handy feature that will show you the level of  power, so you will know when it’s time you need to replace your batteries.


So, how many features you need on your camera? It’s totally up to you. The basic cameras can take black and white photos with flash is quite cheap. The digital cameras which have many modes and can take high resolution pictures with color cost several hundred dollars. And if you want to know exactly about animals you observe with detailed information such as number, gender, size,…, record video clips, take high resolution and clear images, and control your camera from far away using computer, you will need more features. Don’t worry about the price, the more expensive trail cameras are, the more features you get. So, let’s choose a good hunting trail camera!


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