The good thing about a compound bow is that it can be. If you purchased a bow or have an old one that is not fully tricked out or has only the basic parts do not worry, it can be.

You choose which parts to upgrade and in what order you will do it. What you need is to purchase the parts that you need the most and fix them to your compound bow upgrades.

Parts of a compound bow to upgrade

  • Arrows
  • Rest
  • Sight
  • Release aid
  • Stabilizer
  • Quiver


The whole purpose of the compound bow is to fire arrows. Anything else on the bow is for this purpose, so the arrows are the first this you should upgrade. Invest on good quality allows that will not disappoint you once you upgrade the other parts. Acquire a set of good quality customs arrows, and you will be good to go.


After acquiring the best arrows, the next concern is to have a rest that is working well. The rest that is not in proper working conditions such as not properly tuned will be throwing your arrows away from the target, a frustrating thing especially when you are practicing. Find the rest that is easier to tune. You can try NAP Quicktune or Biscuits although they are hectic to tune.  Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot is the best upgrade a beginner can have for the rest.


You want to spot the target well. So you should think of upgrading your bow sight. A good sight is one that has vertical and horizontal adjustment and has an individual pin adjustment. A sight of high quality has thinner pins that allow minimal masking of the sight images.  You do not have to buy a very expensive one, though it is, a budget of $50 to $100 is reasonable for a sight.

Release aid

For a compound bow, a mechanical releaser is good. You do not have to use your fingers for a releaser. You can upgrade your allow with a thumb or index finger release aids, which are similar, but in their mechanism. Index finger releaser is preferred by hunters while target shooters go for thumb releaser. If you want to shoot a deer first and practice finger shooting later, buy a releaser aid.


You need a bow that will balance in your arms and not confuse your aiming. Stabilizers will do just for you. Although it is a tricky part to fix, you need it for your bow. If your bow does not have a sight that hangs further out in the front, a stabilizer will do the trick and make the bow balance on your arms.


The type of arrows you have will determine the type of quiver you need. If you use the broad head arrows, use a quiver that can accommodate them. If you want to use more allows while your hunting escapades look for a quiver that will hold all the arrows, you need.

Upgrading your compound bow will improve your shooting. You can tune your bow to how you want it to be.


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