What you need to know first of all is that a compound bow string silencer is needed and used not only for hunting purposes. Archers who do not hunt at all apply silencers too and there is a reason for this.

Why should you buy or make a silencer?

In general, most bows are very quiet in operation at first, but without a silencer after each shot they will produce quite noticeable sound vibrations similar to the sound of the guitar string. These vibrations are created by the extra energy, which is left after the arrow’s emission. Noise can vary from low dull buzzing to high sharp whistle noise depending on the amount of the residual energy in the bow after the shot has been made. This noise will not cause a problem if your aim is a regular target. However, if you hunt with a bow, the sound of the released bow string can disturb an animal. None of the bows in the world can release an arrow faster than a sound.

As a result, an animal will have a head start at the sound of deflated string and an arrow will not hit the spot or even worse – it is easy to injure the animal and you will have to walk along the trail for a long time with the risk of losing your prey.

Therefore, it is important to turn the noise of the bow string into a remote, dull buzz in order not to startle the animal. The main sound produced by the bow shot is easy to eliminate using heavier arrows. A good practical solution is to choose arrows at 1-1.5 kg per each kilogram of bow’s tension. A silencer easily absorbs the rest of the noise.

Soft String Silencer

A wide variety of silencers are available on the market nowadays.  It is up to you whether to choose natural or synthetic string silencers for a compound bow string. According to general feedback from seasoned archers, it is better to use natural type of string silencer.

Material used for your silencer

The main materials these silencers can be made of are outlined below:

  • Beaver Fur
  • Fleece
  • Wool Yarn

Beaver Fur

Sometimes this type of silencer is called “Beaver Balls” or “Beaver Puff”. It reduces excellently the noise of the string when the arrow is release.


Such kinds as “Tarantula” or “Buzz Busters” are popular in the market. They are easy to install on a compound bow string and also they are rather durable.

Wool Yarn

It is an effective and inexpensive addition to any archery rig.

Soft silencers have tendency to collect small garbage, dust and become wet. It is recommended to try different types of silencers and decide which one is the best and the most convenient for you.

Most recommended compound bow silencer

I would like to draw your attention to a silencer called Cat Whiskers. This silencer is the most simple type of silencer and very popular among archers. It can be either attached directly to the compound bow string or mounted by special clamps. There is another option to fasten the Cat Whiskers – fibers of a bow string are separated into equal parts before the silencer is implanted between them and mounted by means of auxiliary materials such as dental floss.

Pros of the Cat Whiskers silencer

Another positive aspect about the Cat Whiskers is that it is very affordable. This silencer is made of a thin strip of corrugated rubber that is cut into thin filaments. Many archers just put it on a bow string. During shooting, the vibration produced by the string will split it into smaller parts and absorb the noise.

Cons of the Cat Whiskers silencer

The disadvantage of using the Cat Whiskers silencer is that it is much heavier than the soft one, and therefore leads to much bigger loss of productivity. Also, do take note that using a heavier silencer will weigh down a bow string and resulting to a reduction speed of the released arrow.

As such, it is also important to choose the correct type of silencer for your bow. More importantly, it is recommended that you do not use excess number of silencers on your compound bow string. Though this negative effect is not too noticeable, try to avoid using more silencers than it is required for achieving a sufficient level of vibration absorption.

Final tip for your compound bow silencer

No matter which type of silencer you choose, it needs to be installed on equal distance from “horns” (bow’s ends) to keep dynamic balance between both shoulders. To achieve the best result, move silencers up and down a bow string to define a point in which they better absorb vibrations.

I hope you get a lot of value from this guide and do share any other tips you have pertaining to your compound bow silencer.


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