Hunters bow have an effective range that is within the shooters comfort zone. The range can be termed as the maximum distance that you the hunter can deliver a killing shot. The range varies from 40 to 60 yards depending on the bow. All compound bows have their effective range too.

There are two factors that determine the compound bow effective range at which a compound bow can deliver lethal arrow.

Factors affecting compound bow range

  • Arrow speed
  • Kinetic energy at impact

The laws of physics apply in the construction of the bow as well as the range of which it can be effective.  The arrow trajectory of an arrow travelling downrange decays since the aerodynamic drag and gravity affects its flight. A compound bow will deliver arrows at a specific speed within a target distance. In addition, the condition of the wind and the iffy angle determines the range of the arrow. An arrow at a higher speed is effective than the one on low speed. Also, the impact of the arrow on higher speed is much than that of a shaft travelling on low speed. This explains how the speed and kinetic energy at impact determine the range in which an arrow from a compound bow is effective.

Killing whitetail standing

8-inch round is harshly the kill zone on a whitetail standing broadside. A shaft put anyplace in that zone will deliver a deadly shot. A bolt conveyed outside that strike zone will not be lethal. So you want to kill that deer, maintain an 8-inch round.

In as much as the speed, impact, iffy angle and the wind conditions affect the effective shooting range of a compound bow, the human factor also play a great role. In fact, the speed and the impact of the arrow on the target depend on the shooters strength and experience. You will meet people who can shoot a deer at a range of 30 yards while others can do it at a range of 100 yards with the similar compound bow and arrows. The shaft will go far as 500 yards or more, however, while hunting it is sometimes impossible push it past 60 yards and hit the target with lethal impact.

While a decent elite bow is around 80% effective, there are a couple of bows that truly lead the field. A couple of compound bows push this efficiency in the 85-90% reaches. So this is obviously a range where all producers can progress. Also, the range will vary according to the purpose. If you are aiming at the mark for practice or pleasure, the range at which you hit the target will be then when you are trying to aim to kill a deer that is running. We cannot, therefore, agree of a specific range of a compound bow, but we can speculate ranges given the circumstances.

Wish to improve?

You can make an informed decision on how well you can effectively shoot at a target if you can determine the effective range of your compound bow. Use the sight pin to determine the successful range of your bow.


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