Best Appendix Carry Holster – How to Choose the Right One


Every gun owner will come to a realization that his or her possession must be placed in a concealed carry at some point. This is inevitable. With this, there are tons of options available. Making a choice should be easy. However, there are tons of selections around. So if you are in the midst of pondering what the right concealed carry is, it might be vital to also consider when the gun has to be carried. It has always been vital to scan through the best appendix carry holster.

For starters, a holster is a carrier that is just right in front of the owner’s body. There are instances when this is referred to as the inside waist band, or IWB. This is a concealed carry holster. Even if this is the case, the IWBs are usually worn at the back too. It may be positioned just over the kidneys, or even the other position just above the appendix. This can be worn underneath a person’s clothing. It may be positioned just inside the pants. This might cause discomfort. This is one of the reasons why wearers are advised to go for pants which are bigger than what they normally wear. This could help.

What Is An Appendix Carry Holster?

An appendix carry holster is a gun carrier you can use to keep safe your gun outside. It may be worn around the waist. With fresh permits on the increase for gun-owners, carry holsters make for safe and simple ways to travel between places while packing a weapon. Where earlier your waistband was the go-to slip-in for a gun, these days a professional and less ‘western’ appeal can save you plenty of hassle; especially with the law. Not only can you conceal a firearm better at the appendix, you can ensure long-term comfort and safety in that lower-back spot.

A professional law-enforcer or gun enthusiast will certainly appreciate the strap-on quality of an appendix carry holster.  From attire compatibility to ease of access from multiple angles, especially when inconvenienced, the appendix is a better spot than most to store a weapon. While this may not work for all guns (a Glock springs to mind), most hand-helds come under this purview. Take care to put the hammer down and manual safety on, and an appendix carry holster will be the best gun-accessory you will be every buy.

Best Appendix Carry Holster On The Market

If you are planning to purchase a carry holster, what are the brands you should review on?

1. Blade-Tech Holster Revolution Klipt Appendix IWB

Blade-Tech Holster Revolution Klipt Appendix IWB

  • Comfortable because of its ultra-thin signature.
  • Carries firearm without being detected.

Blade-Tech Holster Revolution Klipt Appendix IWB is an inside the waste-band holster. This can conceal a gun securely whether it may be small or medium. This has always been low profile because of the comfort it gives. It can be carried without being detected at all despite of minimal attire. Quick removal may still happen with this holster.

2.  2. 5.11 Appendix/IWB Holster for Glock 19/23 Right Hand

2. 5.11 Appendix/IWB Holster for Glock 19/23 Right Hand

  • Equipped with high speed access and secured fit.
  • Designed from Blade-Tech.

5.11 Appendix IWB Holster Glock 19/23 26/27 became popular because the superior performance it offers. This is made possible without sacrificing the lightweight comfort of the carrier. It may be utilized for whatever environment there is. This is created in partnership with Viking Tactics and Blade-Tech. These are all committed to high speed access and as well as secured fit.

3. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

  • Easily adjustable.
  • Highly functional.

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster is originally from the United States. It is made up of top quality components which are meant for high functionality. This holster is specifically molded so that it would suit whatever gun model there is. This is custom fit as well. Basically, it is designed so that it would be worn inside the waistband. This may come cozy with a belt.

4. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster: fits Glock 26/27/33

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster: fits Glock 26/27/33

  • Protects gun from moisture.
  • Remains lightweight.

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster is a kind of carrier which may be worn throughout the day. This is flawless and the trigger will be completely covered with this. Among the various positions, 4 is said to be the most comfortable. It does not matter whether you intend to sit, stand, or ride around a motorcycle. There is retention in the adjustment.

5. Blade Tech Industries Klipt Fits S&W M&P Shield Holster


Blade Tech Industries Klipt Fits S&W M&P Shield Holster

  • Comfortable and low profile.
  • Hides firearm without any form of detection.

Blade Tech Industries Klipt Fits S&W M&P Shield Holster functions for one purpose – concealing. What makes this different though is that it is done with security. This is ultra-thin that it can still make the user feel at ease regardless of its presence. Even if the user goes with minimal attire, the gun will still go unnoticed. This is the very signature of blade-tech click all the time.

Guide In Choosing Best Appendix Carry Holster

In finding the right carry holster, every gun owner surely knows the essence of research. If this asks you to spend hours in order to be completed, do not hesitate.

  • Admirable are those savvy shooters who visit range just to see how models may perform.
  • From the design itself, it can be predicted if the holster will work properly or not. It may even show if it is comfortable enough.
  • Do not compromise any draw stroke. That is an indication.

In short…

It will be impossible to optimize the performance of your gun without the presence of the right accessories. Give this privilege to yourself. Spend time on the options around. This may sound like an investment but the fulfilling joy it may bring in the end is priceless. Research now for the best appendix carry holster !

The use of an appendix holster is enhanced when it is complimented with best hunting rifle. Have a look at our reviews on this topic and you are sure to know all the details pertaining to it.

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