How To Clean An Air Rifle Correctly


Air rifle should be cleaned and maintained properly time to time so that we get the best output from the rifle. Cleaning of air rifle should be done regularly so that the rifle is in a magnificent working status.

Here are few important steps which will definitely help you clean your best air rifle properly.

Choosing your best cleaning kit

One of the most important points is your cleaning kit so ensure that you have a favorable cleaning kit. Considering all cleaning kits the same will be foolishness because awfully all are not same. You need to have a close look to the tools provided inside the cleaning kit in order to have a good one. The best ones always contain the utmost used tools which are needed for a good clean of your air rifle. The basic ones which should be present in your kit are pellets, brush, oil, cleaning rod and patches.

Proper Cleaning of barrel

The barrel can be cleaned by using a small piece of wet cloth (not a water soaked one) and a twine. You just have to follow these steps to clean

  • Firstly you have to open up the barrel.
  • Skid the twine through.
  • Bind the wet cloth with one end of the twine.
  • Try and draw the twine from the other side so that the wet cloth skids throughout the barrel.

Note: – if the barrel gets wet due to the wet cloth, clean the barrel with a dry cloth or a quick drying material and if there is any kind of dust present, clean it once again with a cloth such as microfiber so that it doesn’t leave behind any kind of linen fibers or fine raveling of cotton.

Use of water is strictly prohibited

Water is the worst thing to use while cleaning your barrel. Use of water should be avoided because it may form rust inside the barrel, which will decrease the efficiency of the rifle and using it will be more difficult.

Use cleaning pellets

Use of pellets is encouraged while cleaning. Make sure your pellets are of correct size according to your barrel.

Lubricate the seals

A high flash point lubricant is required to lubricate the seals. Two drops of lubricant must be dropped into the piston placed inside the compression chamber. Meanwhile the breech seal positioned at the back of the barrel requires only one drop.

Use spring cylinder oil

The main spring should be oiled with six drops of spring cylinder oil which is situated close to the barrel. It should be oiled only if the barrel or the chamber is closed. The remaining moving parts of the air rifle must be oiled with one drop for a flexible move.

Exterior cleaning

The metallic element of the air rifle should be cleaned with a soft piece of cloth so that it does not have any kind of dust left behind and your rifle doesn’t get degreased.

Air Rifle barrel cleaning – Video

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