There are many options available to you when you decide to purchase a bow for your target or hunting pleasure. Regardless of your choice of compound bow the right arrow is available to make that perfect fit for the bow. Many factors determine the right fit before you purchase the right compound bow arrows.

A lot of studies have been done over the years by many bow and arrow manufacturers to get the most performance possible from any type of arrow that has been developed. There are many options when it comes to materials used to make the arrows to the size of the arrows you use. We will look at some of the main determining factors to help you choose the right compound bow arrows.

Important determining factors

  • Bow manufacturer
  • Draw weight
  • Draw length
  • Arrow use
  • Type of material

Bow manufacturer

This is important because whenever test are made with the bows, a manufacturing company has a tendency to use their own products.

Draw weight

This will help to determine the gauge or diameter of the arrow. As the draw weight increases the arrow will have a warping factor that could have an effect on the accuracy.

Draw length

This factor helps to determine how long an arrow is to be cut. In today’s bow technology the use of overdraws is very common to help shorten the length of an arrow. The shorter the arrow the lighter and faster it is.

Arrow use

How are you going to be using the arrow? Arrows are made for certain purposes in mind. You would not use target bows for hunting.

Type of material

A lot of the factors that are listed above will also have a factor on the type of materials used in the manufacturing of the compound bow arrows. Some of the more common materials are carbon graphite, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood.

Making the final choice

I know that this is a lot to consider when it comes time to purchase your arrows. These considerations are very important so you can get the best performance from the bow you just purchased. Not only have these test been conducted for the performance they have also been tested to determine your safety factor. If you use an arrow that is not designed for the bow the results could be devastating. Please practice safety!

To help you make the final decision on the right arrows you can go to the manufacturer’s website and download an arrow selection chart. This chart will have a lot of valuable information when making your fit. These arrows can be expensive so you want to make the right choice before you purchase your compound bow arrows.

This is a very important decision you are about to make. The arrows you purchase will help your bow to perform to its’ peak ability. The outcome you have hunting or shooting target in competition could very well be determined by your choice.

Take a visit to your local sporting goods store or bow shop and speak to a bow technician to help you. Many bow shops have places to shoot and try different setups while you are there to help you get the right fit for your bow.


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