Compound bows have made great technological advances in the recent years. There has been studying after study and test after test to improve the bowstring. No matter what your shooting preference a bow string can be very important. There are many types of compound bow strings and to choose the right one can be a daunting task. The type of bow you shoot will have an impact on the type of string you should use.

Many factors determine the bow string you should use. Your draw weight and other factors such as the time of the year and what type of arrows will have an impact on your choice. Most top bow manufacturers want you to use the bowstrings they have developed. You need to do a little research or get the help of a bow technician to help fit your bow with the right compound bow string. We will look at some string materials and string types to help you make your choice.

Bow String Design

Endless loop strings are known to have better performance compared to Flemish strings. But you can’t really see the difference in speed unless you use a chronograph. Flemish strings are more durable than endless loop strings because they have doubled the number of strands. Some people regard the endless loop design as better because it has no twist to crimp the strands.

One advantage that an endless loop string has loops are very strong and durable. The twist design by Flemish is more popular among more traditional archers because this design has been tested over time. Plus it has always worked for them. A Flemish string also carries a classical good look that your traditional archer likes. Also the Flemish string is thought to be quieter than strings from Endless Loop.

Compound Bow StringString Materials

Dacron compound bow strings have long been a standard in the bow industry for over 20 years. This string does carry a relatively low tensile strength. If you realize it or not there will be changes to your brace height with the use of your bow. Dacron is a safe and inexpensive string for any type of bow. There are two types of Dacron string the B500 and B450.

Dynaflight97 is one of the better string materials on the market today. The materials are made of a blend of Vectran and HMPE (HIGH MODULAS POLYETHELENE). The Vectran gives a special stability as you will not experience any creeping or stretching when installing on bows that has a higher draw weight. Dynaflite97 test out to about 125 pounds per strand. It is relatively small and is usually light with a 12 strand build. This is a good string to use on some of the today’s more technical bows.

In conclusion

Regardless of which compound bowstring you use you really need to leave that to the experts. Just like we have always heard, you get what you pay for. Just think of it in this manner, you just purchased a new Corvette sports car. What tire will you buy to give you the best performance? You would not out a set of mudders on the Vette! If you just purchased an expensive bow please do not hinder the performance by putting on just any old string. It is not safe and will hinder your performance. Go to your local bow technician and let him help you to make the right decision.


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