How to choose Fishing Bows?


Bowfishing used to be a niche activity. Locating archery products for those that like to bowfish can be a hard thing.  Bowfishing is not something all of us heard of, but if someone want to catch a serious fish, like an alligator gar, then he would definitely be in need of proper tools.  So the question is what you must look in a good bowfishing bow?

Features of bowfishing bow

As far as the features of bowfishing bow are concerned, there is not much variation in different brands and types. Between Spearfishing vs. Bowfishing, bowfishing is more exciting. But the two prime features play the vital role in determining the quality and utility of the bow.

Draw weight

The ideal draw weight is 30 to 40 lbs. The shooting at 30 lbs offers a convenient and repeatable draw and is the best for


in shallow water. On the other hand, you need a higher weight, about 40-50 lbs, which is good in the deeper water where you require enhanced penetration and the kinetic energy. Well, the drawback of selecting a massive draw weight is the possibility of ‘’arrow to structure’’ wear and tear, and of course, enhanced fatigue from continuous and repeated shooting. You can go out for fishing and different pounds repeatedly to check which weight is right for you.

Axle to axle length

The selection of axle-to-axle length depends upon your personal choice. The longer axle to axle bows come up with less finger pinch and it is hard to maneuver it in a fishing boat. As far I’m concerned, I like short length because it provides me liberty to move around easily to shoot the fish. However, you can use different lengths before finalizing the bowfishing bow.

Now, let’s consider the main types of bows.

Whereas the draw weight as well as the build of choice will totally always depends upon you, as per your own body type and comfort, some other things must just be considered.

The Recurve Bow

It is a famous type of bow, which features a long curved apparatus that has been built to provide spontaneous shooting. It just weighs around pounds and it is easy to carry and use. If you’re planning to buy this type of bow, make sure that it must have a stabilizer hole. It is economical and the perfect choice for the beginners to start their fishing journey.

The Compound Bow

It is a shorter accessory if we compare it with the recurve type. It is known as a ‘left off’ or ‘no left off’. When there is left off situation; it means slowest possible shooting speeds. On the other hand, you can observe higher speeds but slightly lower than the recurve type. These are energy efficient but not a great choice for the newcomers. This type is good for the professionals who want humidity resistant, temperature resistant and high velocity bows.

Final thought

The choice of bowfishing bows differs from person to person just like any other tool and equipment category. Anything from hand-me-down bows to specialty bow fishing bows can be utilized depending on the requirement, utility and budget of the bow angler.

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