How Do You Choose The Best All Round Rifle


What do you look for when you are buying the best all around rifle? Are some rifles really better than others? And how do you know you are getting a good rifle for your money? As hunters, we are always looking for great tools to help us hunt. A rifle is one of the most important tools we need for this sport. It’s important to know what type of rifles are on the market and how they fit into your hunting style.

Choosing A Your Rifle

Guns, especially rifles come in a wide array of sizes, different weights, styles, materials and price price points. It really takes some thought and decisiveness to choose a all round rifle for your own personal use.

One of the most important things to doing when choosing the all around best rifle for you is to consider your own personal preferences. You have to think about what style is comfortable for you, the weight of the gun and the length of the gun. Also, other things you may want to consider are price points, the type of actions different rifles have, what type of sights you would like, the type of ammunition you want to use and what type of shooting you will be doing.

If you are a beginner an entry level rifle such as .308 caliber bolt action rifle or a .22 caliber are great rifles to start with. An advance hunter may have their rifle custom made to their liking. Of course as a newby you could have your gun tailored to your preferences, as well, but it is more costly and you may not know exactly what you want until you have owned a few rifles.

Rifle Preferences You Should Consider Include

Your height and weight

Fitting a gun to your body style and size is crucial to helping you shoot accurately and be able to control the gun with ease. It’s important to understand what length of pull is and how to have that fit well. This Youtube video explains this in detail:

Length of the barrel

The length of the barrel is important for two reasons. One the barrel adds weight           to the rifle making it heavier. The other reason why it is important is for accuracy. Most rifles range from 16 to 30 inches and most people choose a 24 or 26 inch barrel. The longer the barrel the more velocity and practical accuracy a rifle has however, for entry level shooters, a shorter barrel is more easy to sight and practice with.

Weight of the gun

The weight of a good rifle will affect how you hold your gun and the amount of recoil you will have. The higher the recoil the less accuracy you may have and the harder it will be to control the gun, this is an issue for beginners. This article explains the weight of rifles in a bit more detail

The action type

When choosing a new rifle it’s always a good idea to go with the action you are most comfortable using. More experience hunters may have several rifles with different actions in their collection. Typically a beginner would start with a bolt action this is the easiest action to learn. This video explains different action types in more detail for you:

Sights and scopes

Many hunters prefer a rifle that has a good scope. However, for some beginners it may be easier to use the sights on the gun. If you are unsure if between sights and scopes talk to you gun dealer and check out a few different models before making a purchase. Some scopes are pretty high tech and have different features. If you choose to get a rifle with a scope take a little of bit of time and learn how to use it accurately.

Price Points

Guns range in prices from a few hundred dollars into the thousands. The more higher-end and more custom-made a rifle is the more likely it is going to be pricey. I recommend for a beginner to purchase a rifle is not custom made and comes standard for most rifles. Hunting is an expensive sport to get into. Don’t spend thousands on your first gun.

Type of shooting you plan on doing

One of the last things you should consider before purchasing a rifle is what type of shooting you plan on doing. If you are just doing target shooting with your rifle, a good bolt action with a short stock is perfect. If you plan on hunting deer you may want a gun with a longer barrel and a scope. Either way you can find a well rounded rifle that can be used to do multiple types of shooting. Talk to your gun dealer and ask questions before making a final purchase.

Narrowing Down Your Choice

Once you have looked over all of your preferences you should ask your local gun dealer to show you several options that may fit you best. Ask your gun dealer any questions you may have. Be sure to hold a few of your rifle choices to get a feel for them. Sometimes you may like how a gun looks but holding it may feel awkward to you or uncomfortable. Narrow your choice down to the the best all round rifle for you, that fits you and your preferences best.

Final Thoughts

A rifle is a tool and like any tool you have to be comfortable with using it. So take the time to really understand the needs and wants that you have in mind for your next rifle purchase. An all round best rifle will fit your body type well and fit your skill level without breaking your bank. Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to ready this article. Please feel free to comment or share this with your friends.

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