As one of the many ways to connect with nature and yourself at the same time, camping is probably one of the most practiced outside activities, but as something that requires both knowledge and experience, it might be a hobby that scares newcomers away.

The main reason this happens is that camping is all about preparation. Making sure that you are taking with you everything that you might need is an absolute must, even more, if you are considering going camping all by yourself. Believe it or not, when you go camping in areas that are usually arid of people and far away from civilization, you are somewhat putting yourself at risk.

These risks increase greatly if you are unequipped for the occasion. If something goes wrong, help can take a long time to arrive, so the better you are prepared for the situation, the better you will be able to handle things until help arrives.

Camping Tools

This may come as a turn off for some people. It is true that having all the tools and gear required to create a functional camping survival kit can be expensive. That is why lots of beginners prefer to rent their first set of equipment to experience the adventure and decide whether they want to invest in the deal or not.

This a rather wise, practical approach, considering that a lot of people do invest camping and try everything out just to feel that the investment wasn’t worth it. So, if you are a beginner, I recommend renting your first gear so you get to experience the whole thing. After you’ve decided that you are into camping, we can get to review some of the essentials a camping survival kit should have.

The Camping Tools For Survival

There are many situations that can happen during a camping trip. As mentioned in this guide over here, some of these situations may include longer trips that require improvised camps, getting lost, running out of supplements or water, unexpected changes in the weather, having incidents that cause injuries, getting sick, and encountering dangerous wildlife.

Having the right tools will not only help you prevent most dangerous situations, but it’ll also become a weapon that will assist you when it comes to dealing and solving problems. They also become the perfect assistance to fulfill many necessary tasks to fully enjoy the camping experience.

The main tools we are going to talk about are the survival knife, an ax, a saw, and if you fancy it, a professional survival shovel.

 A survival knife and a saw are the perfect combos to help you out with cutting branches and wood for a campfire. An ax, along with the saw, is the perfect duo to cut trees, which can be used for a great variety of things, such as completing a campfire, making tableware, or even a camp.

Camping Survival Kit

Now, usually, a survival knife, an ax, and a saw would be enough, but some people go a little beyond that and get themselves survival shovels. These shovels, as the main intends, can be used to dig up on the ground (which itself is pretty useful when camping) but they come with a huge deal of other tools to help you out.

Most of the time, these survival shovels come with a knife, ax, flashlight, whetstone, and tinder or a fire starter. They are what people like to call an all-in-one tool, but there are downsides to them. Besides needing to know the right survival methods to use them properly, you have to know which one to buy, since most of them can be rather pricey for what they provide.

Some of the shovels in the market are labeled as uncomfortable, which is a really big problem considering how many times you’ll be using them. Hurting your hands or wrists while using a tool is a no-no, so that’s a big problem. Others may be made of really poor materials, have no sharp, or contain poorly made tools.

As a recommendation, always check online reviews before purchasing a survival shovel. Some models can provide really good quality without being as pricey, and you can find them by looking at online stores and their reviews.

Besides these tools, proper shelter like tents, blankets, sacks, sleeping bags to carry everything, and enough clothes in case rain pops up.

Other Important Additions For Camping Survival

A fire starter, lighter or tinder are absolute musts to start a campfire. Some people like to take with them inflammable components that make the whole process of lighting a campfire much easier, but most people like to take the challenge of lighting one by themselves just by using components found in the environment. If you are like that, a tinder is much better than a lighter.

There’s no shame in taking some inflammable with you, though, but you should be really careful with them to not start a wildfire. As a personal recommendation, leave that option as a last alternative in case you couldn’t start a campfire by yourself.

Camping Survival Kit

Next, you’ll want a paper map of the location you are visiting, a magnetic compass to ubicate yourself in the said map, a flashlight or lamp to move around during the night along with extra batteries, some emergency matches or sparker in case you lose your tinder or lighter, a good amount of water, and just in case (depending on how many days you’ll be camping) a water purification method/device.

In case you need it, a physical guide of information you may want to check during your trip is also useful. Of course, I recommend you do your research beforehand. You should check this guide for more detailed information about the knowledge you might require during your journey. 

After that, medicines might save your life in case you decide to take some with you. Anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory medications are pretty necessary, as well as aspirin. Bandages, alcohol, and antibiotics can also be useful in some situations.


When purchasing all the gear, tools, and equipment you may require during your trip, you should always check for online reviews about specific items. THere’s no better way to get to know a product before purchasing that reading other people’s experience with them. That way, you’ll be able to pick the right gear for you, and not be afraid of losing your money along the process.


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