Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless Trail Camera with Night Vision


The Bushnell Trail Camera is designed to provide the best performance by offering the necessary features such as 8MP resolution with full-color resolution and HD recording, a long-lasting battery life, Wireless connectivity and a 32 GB external storage.

I get truly excited when I get the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless Trail Camera which comes up with the night vision support. This camera comes up with full wireless connectivity so connect it whenever you want. The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless Trail Camera comes up in awesome price if compared to others with the same, then you are lacking in many features like the night vision support and wireless connection supports.

Wireless connectivity, SIM card, and data you get all this straight out of the box. The SIM card of the new Bushnell Trophy Cam HD is as same as we can you use on our Smartphone. So far if we compare the price then you are getting a great deal on an investment, like getting a high-quality wireless feature and it also has an option to subscribe the monthly data plans to the Bushnell’s data services at a few additional cost which is after the 30-day trial or an average month.

Wireless option and the near HD features are the some of the best features which the Trail Cam connects has, but if your budgets do not allow you then you can also purchase many other same quality products of the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD which comes at a cheap price without the support of wireless connection. I have been using this camera for almost 6 months for the security purposes, but I can say that this piece is of sure damn good quality.

Great Features of Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless

  1. High-quality optics with the stunning High Definition Quality.
  2. High Durability and awesome design.
  3. Capture unlimited thumbnails for the first month.
  4. Easily runs up to 3 months on the one set of batteries.
  5. High quality 8 MP camera with full-color resolution and High Definition video recording.
  6. Easy to use wireless connectivity which comes straight out of the box with data and SIM card included.
  7. Manage the configuration of your computer or the Smartphone.
  8. Attractive and affordable data plans which are available by the Bushnell.
  9. Uses 940nm LED’s so there will be no issues with night images because they are not as bright as other 850nm LED cameras to have.
  10. Day and night auto sensor and the PIR sensor with the No-Glow black with 60-degree range.

Benefits of Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless Trail Camera

1. Stunning image and great video Quality

With an 8 MP, high-quality full HD camera of the Bushnell Trophy makes it capture almost everything in the highest video quality. You can easily catch some awesome images and superb high definition video quality with the 1280 x 720P with HD audio. The 2.4-inch full-color LCD screen allows you to view and zoom images with the same high quality.

2. Flexible modes of operation

The new Bushnell Trophy Cam HD comes up with a Field Scan with 2x time lapse technology which helps you to capture images and preset intervals automatically up to 2-time frames. You can easily dusk and monitor dawn by this other great feature. If we compare the other cameras, then you find that the new Bushnell Trophy Cam HD is some few steps ahead because it can easily run the alive trigger and the time lapse at the same time, this greatly ensures you to never miss any shot while on a walk or maybe at a run.

To set the latitude and longitude just simply use the GPS Geotag which helps to set the camera position which one best suits you and which will be also get embedded in every photo or a file.

3. Wireless Trophy Cam App

You will get a Bushnell Trophy Cam HD wireless App which is an another great bonus to the camera and connectivity lovers. The app has almost all the available functions which have necessary, just used the same login settings as the account which you have created and you that’s it you are off and running.

Pros and Cons of product


  • Easy to use: The new Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless Trail Camera is very easy to set up. It just hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Long Battery Life: The long battery life of the Bushell Trophy cam HD easily lasts for 3 months, so it is awesome for you if you are a traveller, you have to just capture the beautiful images without any worry of the battery.
  • HD Recording: With the 8 MP camera and with the full-color resolution it can take superb high definition images and videos with crystal clarity.
  • Wireless Connectivity: The wireless connectivity is the main center attraction point of this camera. Not every camera has the wireless connectivity if it may have been then it will cost you a bit more.
  • Large Storage: The new Bushnell Trophy Cam HD can easily support 32 GB of external storage with the overwriting feature.


The only a little problem which I have faced in this camera is the lens quality, it is not quite good as the other ones have. If a heavy rain comes then the lens can be easily get fogged.

You will not get any metal security box which will definitely and surely come up with the others.


With the awesome recording quality, night vision support, large storage, long battery life and the main reasonable and low price which makes it a perfect deal for you. If compared to the other cameras which come up in the same price which the Bushnell have lacked in many features like no night vision and wireless connectivity support and they can also charge you a bit more.

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