When you’re a stationary hunter, you need every sense at your disposal to understand what is going on in your surrounding environment. Whether you’re in a climbing tree stand or a ground blind, the fact is you aren’t able to see everything on your own. This is where the best video camera for hunting can be an invaluable tool. Just setup your camera, connect it to a smartphone or mobile device, and you can have eyes on any spot you want.

Top 3 Best Video Camera: Editor’s Pick


What is The Best Video Cameras for Hunting

The best hunting video cameras come in many different shapes and sizes. This is because they are designed to meet specific needs. Some work great for positioning on a deer feeder or other bait station. Others work better as a trail observation tool. Which of these highly rated options could be right for you?

5 Best Video Camera for Hunting Reviews:

1. Bestguarder HD Waterproof IP66 Infrared Night Vision Game

This is the HD trail camera with audio recording programming that will take your hunts to the next level. You can capture stills quickly or record video depending on your needs. You set the picture delay, which has a timer of up to 60 minutes. Images are crystal clear with detection up to 75 feet away so all of the action is in full resolution. You choose the MP, which goes up to 12 MP, and info-track on the data stamp. It’s also guaranteed to be waterproof. We definitely recommend this hunting camera today.

2. Moultrie Game Spy A-5 Gen 2 Low Glow 5.0 MP Camera

This video camera for hunting gets all the basics right. The range is limited at 40 feet, with a flash range extending 10 feet beyond that, but the sub 1.5 second trigger speed is consistent. We liked the clarity of the night-time infrared images it can produce. The camera is a solid brown color for ground cover blending and at 5 MP, the images have the right amount of clarity so you can identify your preferred targets. If you’re on a tight budget, then we highly recommend giving this trail camera a second look. It gets the job done.

3. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 12MP Trail Camera

This is a solid hunting camera. It has a 1 second trigger speed and you can program the intervals up to 10 minutes in length. It is also one of the few hunting cameras whichthat offers a multi-image mode, giving you up to 3 images each time the camera triggers. An auto-sensor allows the camera to detect what time of day it is so you receive the highest quality resolution for each image. Video recording is at 480p and it can record up to 15 seconds. Runs on just 2 AA batteries.

4. Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera STC-G42NG

This is the best hunting camera for low light images. With sub-second triggers and an infrared range of up to 100 feet, images are almost instantaneous. We love the rapid-fire burst photos that can be generated per trigger, giving you up to 9 images at a time. Adjust your resolution from 2-10 MP, record HD video and reduce blur thanks to the helpful advanced settings the camera contains. Multi-zone detection is also possible. There’s no flash with this camera either thanks to the 42 LEDs. It’s a great solution at a great price.

5. Spypoint Hi-Definition Video 1080p 5MP Hunting Edition

This is one of the few camera options that will let you record video of your hunt and have it turn out reasonably well. It mounts to a scope, rifle, or bow pretty easily and the waterproof housing keeps your video intact. It’s shock resistant and records audio relatively well. You’ll need an mSD card to maximize the benefits this camera can provide. USB and TV ports are included in the design. We enjoyed the time-lapse mode, which takes people through a hunt very quickly so you can show off your highlights.

What Is a Hunting Video Camera and Why Do I Need One?

We live in a sharing economy. Information is the most traded currency in the world today. In this era of global awareness, what makes you unique is what provides you with this currency. The best video camera for hunting can help you film a hunt, watch a trail, or track the number of targets that are in your area with ease. Instead of investing into a $5,000 entry-level HD camera, a stealth-hunting camera is a better solution for your needs.

Here’s why:

  1. Deer and other animals are sensitive to habitat changes. Trail cameras blend right into the background so your preferred game won’t even know it is there. Watch the video feed on your phone, tablet, or private screen and you’ll know if something is about to head in your direction.
  2. They are highly portable. Thanks to the technology upgrades in this category over the last decade, you can receive a high quality video camera to watch a trail or feeder for the fraction of the cost an HD quality camera will provide.
  3. They work all year long. Although trail cameras and similar hunting video cameras are used for hunting, they can be used in other ways to protect your property. You can know if there are predators that might be after your game. Intruders can trip these cameras too. 

The best wireless game camera for hunting has multiple installation options as well. You can mount them on a stick, attach them to a tree, or allow it to rest on the ground in the cover of a bush. They are very durable, highly water-resistant, and have a MP range of 5-20 MP within most brands so you can have the right solution for your needs. 

The best camera for filming hunts, however, is a very different camera from the trail cameras that are used to track game. If you want to document your next hunt, you’ll have a different set of rules to follow. 

Hunting Cameras That Are Better Than a GoPro

You could try to capture the perfect moment on your smartphone, but the A/V quality will likely be substandard. This is the reason why many hunters use a GoPro camera because it can be mounted on their rifle or bow, but that is a gamble. You can’t really track your footage or judge your light, which means your footage could be incredible… or it could be unusable. You’ll need a camera that has a large enough field of view to capture the moment, track your game, and let you finish the shot with the right angle.

The truth is that the best hunting videos feature more of the wildlife and less of you. Your expertise shines through when you can capture clear game sight lines. To do that, you will need a camera that will allow you to capture the whole experience. This guide is more about the best trail cameras for hunting than the creation of professional footage.

If you’re interested in professional filming, then this guide from Petersen’s Hunting will help you film your hunt successfully.

How to Find the Best Trail Camera

The best trail camera reviews will take a look at 5 key features in each camera so that you can be able to accurately judge the quality of the product. Here are the specific features you’ll want to know about for each camera you’d like to know more about.

  1. Picture quality. Megapixels are a good way to judge the clarity of an image a camera can produce. You’ll also want to see if verifiable test pictures are available. It’s very easy to upload a stock image from a free image website and claim it comes from a specific camera.
  2. Detection circuitry. Trail cameras shouldn’t be running 24/7. They should have a motion detection circuit that turns them on when they detect movement. Check on the quality of this circuit in each review.
  3. Battery efficiency. How long will the batteries last in the camera? What type of batteries are used?
  4. Infrared emitters. The quality of night pictures should match the quality of your daytime images. Some cameras emit a red glow for infrared images, which might attract the attention of your game and drive them away.
  5. Viewing screen. Do you view images directly or can you use an app on a smart device to access your images? 

Then you’ll want to look at the detection zone of your preferred camera and how it works with these 5 key features. Look at the specific number of degrees the field of view is able to obtain. This will give you an idea of your detection range, which should be over 100 feet if you’re looking for the best video camera for hunting. 

What Are the Prices of Cameras for Hunting?

If you want to professionally film your hunts, then you should expect to shell out at least $5,000 for a camera. The best camcorder for hunting might be in the $300-$1,000 range, but the image quality will not be as good as a professional camera can provide.

As for trail cameras or personal cameras for hunting, most cameras in this category will be under $150. There are several solid options that are available for less than $100, while premium cameras in this category are priced at $225 or above.

Final Verdict:

The best video camera for hunting will have the specific features and resolution you need to accomplish your personal goals. Find your camera today and you’ll be able to have more currency in the sharing economy right away.


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