Best Turkey Decoy on The Market – Reviews and Buying Guide 2018 (Updated)


Turkey decoys can help you bring in a nice gobbler into your shooting range. They can also drive turkeys away if you don’t have something that looks realistic. Turkeys are smart birds that quickly learn what you’re trying to do and they have no desire to become Thanksgiving dinner. With the best turkey decoys as part of your arsenal, you can keep fooling these smart birds to meet your hunting goals.

We don’t discount the value of public reviews. The chart below offers you a look at the best turkey decoy options according to real hunters just like you.

Turkey Decoy Reviews from Our Experiences:

We were given the opportunity to take a look at the top-rated turkey decoys on the market today. Here are what our impressions were, both pros and cons, so you can see if one of these options might be right for your hunting needs.

5 Best Turkey Decoy Review:

1. Primos She-Mobile Decoy


The realism of this hen decoy is ridiculous. We had people slow down on the road to take pictures of this decoy when we put it out in a field because they thought it was real. The gobblers, however, were not quite as taken by the decoy when they got close to it. The wire stake coming through the back of the turkey, though small and barely noticeable at a distance, made our gobbler think twice about what was going on and his paranoia drove him to head for the woods. When combined with one of the best turkey calls available today, this could be a solid choice.


2. Spring Fling by Montana Decoy


This is another hen decoy and because it is created from a real turkey photograph, the attention it receives is second to none. Make sure you get that stake all the way into the ground so you get the most out of this decoy. When you do, it looks like a real hen is lying down, waiting for some attention. The space and weight of this decoy is spot-on as well, though you’ve got to take care when collapsing this decoy so you don’t end up creating creases that can affect the look. We can see this one being a real winner, especially for early season hunting.


3. Flextone Funky Chicken DecoyFlextone


Truth be told, we were pretty skeptical about this one. Compared to some of the other decoys on the market, the realism factor just isn’t there. The colors are there and the ease of use is there, but you know at first glimpse it’s a decoy. For the turkeys, however, the pose of this decoy turns them into an aggressive beast of a bird. It’s like they can’t help it. They recognize the decoy, but then the instinctive response kicks in and they can’t help but be aggressive. That gives you the chance to get a good shot off. Just don’t be too close to the decoy because if you get a group of aggressive gobblers, it might not be as much fun as it could be.


4. Flambeau Turkey Love Triangle Set Decoy


When you’ve got a stubborn group of gobblers up in the trees and they just won’t come out for you, what can you do? One solution might be this “love triangle” decoy option. Made of polethylene foam, these decoys seem to ease the paranoia of open spaces when you set them out. Since you’re receiving a set of 3, you can also setup some realistic scenarios as a lure that will even cause one of those dominant gobblers to come out and give your decoys his two cents. The foam does require some special handing and you may want to invest into some paint in case you get flaking, but otherwise the experience we had was a good one.


5. Primos 69064 Gobstopper Jake & Hen Decoy Combo


Our best results came from this turkey decoy. With the male gobbler presented in full strut with a tail display, you can actually attach a real fan to your decoy for better realism. If you have turkeys who see this fellow, they’re going to come running. The decoy is pretty mobile, looks fairly realistic even from a distance, and the silk fan that comes with the product gets the job done. You’ve got to be careful with the fabric, however, because it can under-perform in some difficult environments and it doesn’t look great in wet weather. Pick your battles wisely with this decoy and you’ll win.


Final Verdict:

The best turkey decoy will help draw out even the most wary of toms so you can meet your hunting goals. Find your preferred decoy today, get your licensing, and then get to work.

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