Technology nowadays has made marvelous improvements in every area. It is escalating and improvising the tools and weapons, used by the early men. Sniper rifles are one such modern day hunting arm that has brought in a revolution for the hunters. We will agree that apart from the intelligence and courage that they are armed with, the hunters must be equipped with the best arms and ammunitions. A sniper rifle is specially used for long range shootings by the snipers, who are skilled in hunting from a far off distance. So, if you want to own the best sniper rifle, congratulations. You have landed up the right page. We are taking you to an exciting world of sniper rifles. This will help you to get a hand on knowledge and an overview on sniper rifles. In addition, we have filtered down the premier sniper rifles for you. What? Facing a dilemma? Smile, for we are providing a guide which will help you eye, the best from the rest.

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What Is A Sniper Rifle?

The term ‘sniper’ has been derived from ‘snipe’, a bird which is difficult to hunt, which in turn means that sniper rifles help in difficult hunting. This also means that in order to deliver accurate shots out of these, the snipers are given an extensive specialized training. A Sniper can also be called SHARPSHOOTER and we know that SHARP suggests a very high level of accuracy. The special rifles designed for such accurate and sharp people, is a sniper rifle. This is a man portable rifle with an extremely high precision percentage, which can be majorly credited to its telescopic sight. They are designed for high durability, range, sturdiness and reparability. These rifles can be held on shoulders or can be fixed on a pod too. They also have a long barrel alongwith a rifled bore.

The Top Five Sniper Rifles

Presenting to you the best 5 sniper rifles. Just think of the amount of time that you must be saving as we have done this filtering job for you. Enlisted below:

1. Full Metal Bolt Action AWP Type 96 Sniper Rifle

It is a type 96 sniper rifle, with a metal bolt action. It is a scope ready rifle and can be used as a primary or secondary weapon. It does not come with a bipod but a sling is attached to the rifle. It can cause dry fire and one needs to be extremely cautious about it. The scope is adjusted in a very proper angle and is capable of shooting a person from a distance of 150 feet. Other than the rolling out of the BB, it is a quite accurate gun. It comes with a loader but not much of extra things are provided.


  • Scope of 3-9 x 40
  • FPS of 500
  • Single shot mode of firing
  • Capacity of magazine is 29 rounds
  • Weight of 8 lbs
  • Stock made up of polymer

The Positives

  • Compact and precise.
  • Does not make much sound.
  • Properly adjusted scope.

The Negatives

  • The most dangerous shortcoming of this gun is that as it uses BB, it generally slips out of the barrel, prior to your shooting.

2. Tactical Sniper Air Rifle Black Ops Combo Air Rifle

This tactical sniper air rifle is a single shot air rifle and it provides the shooter with a smooth shooting experience. It is the perfect option for cold weathers as it functions perfectly in those conditions also. A special bolt has been installed by the manufacturer on this gun in order to give it a tactical look. The bolt has no other function. It is a very special tactical air gun as lead pellets are used unlike other tactical guns which rely on BB repeaters. This is the reason behind its excellent accuracy. It is suggested to use it for minor game hunting.


  • Caliber of 0.177
  • Velocity of 1250
  • A 4 x 32 scope
  • Trigger pull of 4 lb 8 oz
  • Cocking effort of 35 lbs
  • Has a basic duplex reticle
  • Focus range of 10 yards

The Positives

  • It has a power plant of gas piston because of which, cocking gets extremely smooth.
  • This type, endorsing gas piston is more long lasting as compared to the ones endorsing metal spring.
  • High Durability.
  • Excellent accuracy.
  • It has sturdy bipods with adjustable combs

The Negatives

  • It has sturdy bipods with adjustable combs

3. Utg Gen5 Master Sniper Rifle Accushot Competition

It is a bolt action sniper rifle which is specially designed for extra and strong safety. It uses air soft, plastic BBs. As, no scope is included, you need to put your own. The fps in this depends on the BBs you put. The gun can shoot around 450 fps with 2 BBs. It is advised and recommended to get an extra magazine, for it to become the best sniper rifle. The speed loader is spring operated and it has made its mark as the best SPRING RIFLE.

It is a little hard to work the bolt initially but as the spring gets older, the task gets better. It can be termed as a spooky scary rifle because of its whole BLACK colour.


  • FPS of 315-325 with 20g BBs
  • FPS of 450 with 12g BBs
  • Magazine capacity of 25 rounds
  • Effective range of 150 to 170 feet

The Positives

  • With smooth bolts and sturdy bipods, it is a strong air rifle.
  • The length of the stock can be well adjusted and increased. This increase in length can be brought, using the several extenders provided with the gun.
  • It has an ultra smooth pullback.
  • Realistic looks
  • The weight of the gun is perfect to be held in the hands for a long time

The Negatives

  • The vertical head rest cannot be adjusted.
  • The accuracy can be a setback, because of the low Bb weights.
  • It has no iron sights so you need to have your own scope

4. Gen5 Airsoft Master Sniper Rifle, Utg Sport Army Digital

It is a heavy sniper rifle, with an extremely great quality. This comes out to be the best among the range of airsoft guns with a bipod to rest the gun on. We can relate its shooting power to that of a laser hitting a train. It can shoot a person on his neck, which is at a distance of 20 yards. This master sniper rifle, comes with two magazines. The new gen bolt is a big reason for its superior performance. This again, comes with a spring operated speed loader.


  • FPS of 500-530 with 12g BBs.
  • FPS of 460 with 20g BBs.
  • Caliber of 6mm
  • Synthetic stock
  • Two magazines of 25 rounds
  • Effective range of 170-200 feet

The Positives

  • It is highly sturdy and durable.
  • The assembling of the items is very easy in this gun.
  • A very high accuracy percentage.
  • The gun possesses outstanding looks.
  • The gun has a good range.
  • It has a non slippery grip.

The Negatives

  • The biggest shortcomings are the clips, which are not made up of good plastic.
  • Scope is not available.

5. Competition Shadow Utg Accushot Ops Sniper Rifle

This one is a weighty rifle and not recommended for the weak. The gun has the capacity to take the BBs of several different weights and 28 BBs are recommended for it to give amazing performance. The accuracy range has been seen as 30 feet or so. Furthermore, as it does not come with a scope, it is advisable to get a good red dot scope and you are all ready.


  • Caliber of 6mm.
  • Velocity of 480 fps.
  • 4 x 40 scope
  • High metal content.
  • BBs of 0.20 Gms.
  • Hard plastic stock
  • Bipod is available with 2 magazines.

The Positives

  • Adjustable stock, hop up system and cheek rest.
  • Quick to assemble.
  • A spring-loaded assist is available for the magazines.
  • A bi-pod adapter that helps in quick release.

The Negatives

  • Scope is not available.
  • Loose bipod.
  • Loose attachments.
  • Strong straps are needed separately for intense usage.

Guides to choose the right sniper rifle

The sniper rifles are of extreme importance provides the owner with an edge over the opponents. What a win-win situation will it be, for a sniper rifle owner, to own the best sniper rifle. To make it easy, providing some important areas to look for, before buying a sniper rifle. Mentioned below

Rof To Be Checked

All the Sniper Rifles are not created on the same grounds. The TTK needs to be considered. Recommended to ignore the MAX RoF as it is the lowest impact class. The number of shots, required to kill, with these types of snipers is three. A sniper with a HIGH RoF has low impact. These can fire quickly but more stability is required. Here comes the best of these- the MID RoF sniper, which has a medium impact. The number of snipers having mid RoF is low as compared to the others. It has an impact, high enough for a one shot guardian. Whereas, an enemy can be one-shotted, using a MID-LOW RoF based sniper that has a mid-high impact.

Telescopic Sight

It is the most important feature of a sniper rifle as the sniper rifles are meant for long distance shootings. The telescopic sights for sniper rifles are specially designed and have greater magnification. Choose the one, fitting your need.


There is bolt action and gas operated snipers. The choice depends on the striker’s needs, depending upon the pros and cons of each of them. The bolt action rifles are cheaper than the others.• Cartridge- The type of cartridges is also an important determinant, while choosing a sniper rifle. Some are designed, as per the logistical constraints while the others are designed, keeping the performance in mind.


The barrel length is a criterion which distinguishes its area of usage. The muzzle velocity of larger barrels is more as compared to the shorter ones.


The stock of a sniper rifle can be adjusted and customized. Whether, you want to extend it or not will depend on your need and the telescopic sight that your sniper rifle has.


The more the accessories with a sniper rifle, the better it is, Slings, stocks and mounts are some of the examples.


See to it, that you choose a sniper rifle with the maximum possible accuracy, in order to hit the target.

Accessories Accompanying Sniper Rifles When Hunting

There are several important things that should accompany a sniper rifle, used for hunting. The best hunting riflecomes with a special silencer and also displays many mod options. Perks of higher level are attached for proper modding. All the basic accessories are the same as for any other sniper rifle. A 308 caliber sniper rifle is normally used for hunting. Some other essentials are:

  • A thumbhole stock
  • A pistol grip
  • Grey or black plastic stock
  • Fore grip with a bipod in front
  • Barrel of high mass
  • A stock with a cheek rest that is adjustable

Frequently Asked Questions

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The main purpose of a sniper rifle is to shoot a target from a large distance. In this scenario, accuracy of the sniper as well as the sniper rifle, both becomes important. To own the best sniper rifle, one needs to consider certain important points. Whatever be the purpose, a sniper rifle must be quick and accurate with easy to use tools. Before buying, measure the pros and cons of each and choose the best, according to your requirement.


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