hen it comes to recurve bows for beginners, using ones that stand strong and are durable enough to use in all sorts of situations. However, one of the biggest concerns that beginners have is being able to pull back the string.

If you’re using the bow, or you have a child using the bow and neither has great upper body strength then choosing the right string weight is an ideal way to go.

Letting my son use a beginner bow gave me an idea of what types of bows might be more ideal for beginners than others. Not only did we try out a few, but he gave me feedback. Though, he is 8 it was still helpful at narrowing down the best ones to use.

Bows are plentiful, but choosing the best one can be difficult since you want to ensure that you have something they can easily pull back, but is going to be durable, lightweight and also provide fun. If your kid is not having fun, they’re not going to be into this sport.

Trust me, I know. My son lost interest countless times with different bows because they were too much for him.

I recommend these bows on my list to beginners everywhere that want to get into archery or even bow hunting.

What to Look For In Best Recurve Bows

  • Durability: Durability is one of the most important aspects of choosing the right bow. This is because you’re going to have a child using it, so it needs to be able to stand up to the test. When you choose high quality materials that are made durable and tough, you’re choosing a bow that will last a lifetime.
  • Best Recurve Bows
  • Ease of use: Since children tend to be smaller with less upper body strength, it is important to find a bow that they can easily pull back and load. This can be found in many of the recurve bows made specifically for beginners.
  • Packages: If you want to keep your list of items to get your child when they’re learning more about the bow, then consider going with a package deal. Not only do they provide everything that the child needs to get started, but it makes your life easier.
  • Weight and length: The weight amount, as well as the length of the bow makes a difference when smaller arms are using it. If the bow is too big for the child, they will lose interest quickly so check out the weight and length of the bow.

Top 5 Best Recurve Bows Reviews For Beginners

1. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Review

One of the most recommended on the market, the Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow provides the new archer with a way to learn without having to worry about not being able to pull back the string on the bow.

Hard maple and fiberglass come together to create this beautifully designed bow that is made for anyone looking to get a smooth, sleek look.

Purchasing different limbs can be done, so that the weight of the bow can be changed, depending on the user of the bow. An entire set can be purchased, so that you’re able to get the products that go along with this bow and easily attach to the outside of it.

A sight and quiver, as well as brass fittings are also provided separately for when the user becomes more advanced at using the bow. It is currently a 29” bow, but can be changed out depending on the parts that are purchased and added onto it.

2. Easton Youth Beginner Recurve Bow Kit Review


Children that are learning how to use bows need something that is going to stand up to repeated use, but also that is light enough. Pulling back the string on a regular bow can be difficult, even for adults. With the Easton Youth Beginner Recurve Bow Kit, you get everything you need to learn how to shoot.

The bow is 10-20 pound and can be adjusted to the user’s capabilities. It is also able to be used with the left or right hand, so it is universal to the user that is trying to figure out how they like to shoot.

Very high quality materials that will easily bend with you, but not break down like a lot of the other beginner bows. One of the best features is that it does come with the quiver, bow and arrows so you do not have to purchase extra items to start shooting.

3. Crosman Archery Sentinel Youth Bow Review

If you’re looking for something that comes highly recommended by all beginners, young and old then the Crosman Archery Sentinel Youth Bow is calling your name. Not only can the bow flex with you, but the weight is at 20, providing enough force.

It is performance and quality tested, so that each piece of equipment provides the user with a quick way to snap and release while shooting.

The all weather string system provides the user with a way to keep the string in the best shape possible, without having to worry about it breaking down or snapping in the process of learning how to use it.

Easy to follow instructions come with the bow, but it is self explanatory on how to set up the arrows and shoot away. The accessories are also something that comes along with the bow, so you can be set when you want to get started.

4. Spirit Jr 54″ Beginner Youth Bow Archery Review


Sleek and easy to use, this Spirit Jr 54″ Beginner Youth Bow Archery provides the user with a way to smoothly send the arrows flying to where they need to go. With a durable outer layer, as well as string, you cannot go wrong when learning on this set.

The bow comes in different weights, depending on the size of the child – 12, 16 and 22. This allows you to also choose the length of the bow to go along with the one that is learning. 22 is one of the universal weights and is even ideal for adults to learn with.

The strong fiberglass limbs provide enough give and take, while the bow is pulled back and then released with the arrow on it.

The maple laminations of the outside of the bow gives it a more unique look and feel, allowing the user to have a beautiful bow that they can use to shoot their arrows with.

5. Barnett Sportflight Archery Set Review

For a whole set that you can learn to shoot a bow on, you can use the Barnett Sportflight Archery Set that provides you with a quick way to learn how to shoot the arrows with ease and precision. The set even comes with a protective finger tab to protect the user.

The soft touch, comfort handle provides the user with more comfort and stability when shooting the arrows. In addition to this, the 25 pound draw weight makes it ideal for even smaller users that want to learn how to shoot.

The adjustable pin sight allows you to customize the bow to you. With a set that is highly rated and affordable, it is one of the best on the market for even the youngest of archers.

The bow comes with a five year manufacturers warranty, so you’re covered in bow case something happens while shooting or having it in the home.

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