OH! So you think, you have the nerves enough to get that flying thing, shot down? If yes, then you need to befriend a SHOTGUN. Reason? Shotguns are the best guns for bird hunting. They are also known as PEPERGUNS or SCATTERGUNS. Although, these guns are available with numerous operating mechanisms, we will here, restrict ourselves to the PUMP-ACTION shotguns.

In pump action shotguns, the action of extracting and inserting the shells, while cocking the striker, is performed by a pump. The pump essentially is a forearm sliding handle and because of this slide, these guns are also named as SLIDE ACTION shotguns. This answers the WHAT about this gun. But, if you have a fetish for such guns and want to own one, just knowing the WHAT isn’t enough. The WHERE and HOW holds equal significance and we have created a perfect niche for you to gauge the same and choose the best pump shotgun for your next hunting expedition.

The Top 5 Pump Action Shotguns

Be it any area, any subject or any matter of concern, our decisions and choices play a vital role. So, in order to help you ease your findings, we are jotting down the top five pump action shotguns for you.

1. Pre-Charged Pneumatic Crosman Benjamin Discovery

This one is a single shot gun and the best starter rifle in the PCP world. It is an accurate gun with the right quality pellets; however one needs to take care of the air pressure as there are chances of leakage in less air pressures. They need to be stored at about half the required pressure. The loudness of this gun demonstrates how powerful the thing is and is the best for free hand shootings.


  • Caliber of 0.22
  • Velocity of 900 feet per second
  • Avenue to attach a CO2 adapter to improve the performance.

The Upside

  • Shoots straight
  • Not very difficult to pump.
  • Stature is smaller and hence makes it easy to handle
  • Powerful enough to get a woodchuck sized game.
  • Light weighted body

The Downside

  • It is very loud.
  • Difficult pellet loading under the scope
  • Pumping is time consuming
  • Leakage is a big problem. Appropriate pressure to be maintained for the same.

2. Bolt Action Variable Benjamin392 Pump Air Rifle

This pump gun has the correct weight and size so as to carry it the whole day, without any problem. Moreover, it gives a feel of a real rifle. It is well made and quite accurate. The hardwood stock makes it a great weapon. It makes the shooting experience, a fun task and makes it mark as the best pump shotgun. This type is liked by one and all especially for target shooting and for pest control. It uses lead pellets and is very accurate with some premier hollow points.


  • Metallic front and rear sights
  • Caliber of 0.22
  • Velocity of upto 685 feet per second
  • Stock made up of American hardwood

The Upside

  • Shoots straight
  • Shoots hard
  • Well built with nice looks
  • Quite accurate
  • Adjustable rear for elevation and windage
  • Bolt action is very smooth
  • Efficient in the loading of the pellets

The Downside

  • Very hard to pump and often swings down after pumping the gun.
  • Rough column.
  • Trigger and Barrel mechanisms are loose from the stock.

3. Air Rifle Benjamin 397 (.177)

This air rifle is considered amongst the best pneumatic guns. It is most appropriate for a teenager who wants to have fun, extinguishing the varmints. It is a silent yet strong gun with unmatched precision. The trigger of the gun is a bit troublesome but improves with time. However, use of pellgun oil to oil the pumps will make it more long lasting. The number of pumps in this gun can be changed according to one’s need.


  • Caliber of 0.177.
  • Pellet velocity of 800 feet per second.
  • A rich wood stock.

The Upside

  • Accuracy of a laser.
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Sturdy
  • Good quality
  • A very good and fast grouping

The Downside

  • Lack of good quality material in firing and bolt mechanism.
  • Not a very good design, as the softer metal is held together by hard metals.
  • Dovetail or rail, not provided for scope mounts.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Very hard to pump.
  • Inconsistent CO2.

4. 25 Pump Gun Daisy Outdoor Products

It is a nice BB pump gun with a wooden stock. The BBs. in this can shoot about 8 inches high at 30 feet which is a quite decent accuracy. The lever action has to be removed in case you are keeping it upto your shoulder. The trigger pull is stiff which makes it a bit hard to work with. The magazine of the gun has a capacity to hold 50 BBs. The body is a metal body with a very nice quality.


  • Caliber of 0.177.
  • Velocity of upto 350 feet per second.
  • Trigger blocks safety.
  • Maximum shooting distance of 195 yards
  • Capacity of 50 shots.

The Upside

  • A silent and very quiet gun.
  • The storage and transportation is easy
  • The cocking process is easy

The Downside

  • Not very powerful
  • The barrel finish is not that good
  • The spring jam is a problem, during pellet load
  • Very short stock for an adult

5. Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle Crosman M4-177

This particular gun is considered the best for vermin hunting and gives a feel of neat pneumatic. With the directional 5 shot clips, it is a good gun to shoot upto 40 yards (approx). Its light weight makes it a perfect pick for small shooters but also has avenues to be adjusted and made into a finer gun. For instance, with a scope attached to it, it can be more devastating and accurate.


  • FPS of 600, with pellets
  • FPS of 625 with BBs.
  • A small magazine with a holding capacity of 5 pellets
  • The body is mostly made up of plastic.
  • Variable power output
  • Rear sight dual aperture

The Upside

  • Awesome looks
  • Light weighted
  • Consistent shootings
  • Nice tight groups
  • Removable magazine store
  • Included tools for adjusting front side post elevation and rear side windage.

The Downside

  • A very long trigger pull
  • Not a very powerful gun
  • Pumping is very loud
  • The width of the front sight broad post is way to big for the gun to provide a good accuracy.

Guide to choose the Best Pump Shotgun for hunting

Pump Shotgun is the best hunting rifle???  Along with with a list of the best pump shotguns, there is a list below with various important points to be checked while choosing a pump shotgun. This will help you a great deal in making a rational decision. Follow the points


A choke tube happens to be a tube that fits into your shotgun’s barrel. Its job is to stop the spreading of the shot that comes out of the barrel while firing. We have mentioned the most common ones in order of their spread. (Tightest to widest)

  • Extra full (also known as Turkey) -provides tight group for turkey hunting.
  • Full- Waterfowl or turkey hunting, trap shooting etc.
  • Modified improved-Great for trap shooting, rabbits, pheasants, upland and waterfowl.
  • Modified-Great for rabbits and trap shooting
  • Improved Cylinder-Good for small games and closed in waterfowl hunting
  • Cylinder-Mostly used for home defense
  • Skeet-Apt for skeet shooting

The type of choke to be used will depend upon your need and purpose. You can refer the above list.


There are a total of four gauges in general

  • Gauge 10-Powerful but most expensive. Great for home shooting or hunting.
  • Gauge 12-Least expensive and easily available. Good for hunting and trap shooting.
  • Gauge 20-Easily available but less powerful.
  • Gauge 410-An apt choice for young shooters as it is the least powerful.


It is a very important part of a pump shotgun and should not be neglected. It is because of the stock, that a shotgun gets its balance. Some of the main features of a stock are

  • Length of pull- The distance between the butt pad and trigger of the stock.
  • Comb- The part of a stock that holds your shoulder and cheek. It is the widest part.
  • Pitch- The angle made by the butt pad and your shoulder, when the gun is held there. If the pitch is high, the gun will dig in the shoulder and if it is too low, the gun will slide. So, practice is required to maintain a proper pitch.
  • Drop- The distance between the butt centre and the top of the comb which help determine the elevation.

One should see and analyze each of these in the quest to grab the best suited pump shot gun for self.

Frequently Asked Questions

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2. What kind of license is required to own a shotgun?


3. Where should a rear sight be installed, while installing a front and a rear sight set?


4. What is the most important safety feature found in the modern day pump shot guns?


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Hunting with a pump action shot gun will get more easy and fun, if we stick to some of these crucial points. But, before owning the best pump shotgun, make sure that you are capable enough to handle it, store it and use it, complying with the legal requirements.


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